4 Ways Playing Live Dealer Online Baccarat Will Earn You Respect Among Business Partners

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If you are looking to make a positive impression with potential clients or business partners, playing live dealer online baccarat is a great way to do it.

Gambling is a trend-driven industry. iGaming and casino executives the world over are trying to stay one step ahead of the game, with two trends in particular picking up major steam over the past few years, making tons of money for those with the foresight to capitalize on them.

The first is the revival of baccarat. The game was invented in Italy centuries ago but has recently experienced a major comeback in Las Vegas and Macau casinos, driven in large part by its popularity among big-spending Asian VIP gamblers.

The second trend is that of live dealer table games in online and mobile casinos. The games are played virtually but dealt by a real live human being, with the player watching via live stream. It combines the convenience of playing from home with the authenticity of having a real dealer.

Combing these two trends is an impressive feat. So if you’re trying to impress potential clients or business partners (some of whom may be in the casino business themselves) with your savvy behavior, consider playing live dealer baccarat. Here’s why:

Baccarat is the game of wealthy high-rollers

• Live dealer baccarat combines the emerging trend of live dealer online games with the revival of baccarat

• Live dealer online and mobile games allow the player to watch the cards being dealt via live stream

• In 2013 baccarat overtook blackjack as the most lucrative table game in Las Vegas casinos

Baccarat has always been a symbol of wealth. First appearing as a popular game among wealthy European aristocrats during the 18th century, it quickly became a pop culture mainstay. How many times have you seen James Bond enter a luxurious casino in a tuxedo and black bow-tie and place large bets on baccarat?

These days the game of chance is the preferred casino option for wealthy Asian high-rollers. In 2013 baccarat overtook blackjack as main table game revenue producer for Vegas casinos, largely on the back of these “whales.”

The point is, if you play baccarat your pockets are probably overflowing with cash. There is no better way to gain respect in the boardroom than by already being rich. Even if that’s not the case, perceptions matter.

The low house edge shows you have a knack for finance

Baccarat has a lower house edge than almost any other casino game. Its standard 1 percent is much more player-oriented than roulette’s 19 percent or the 5-25 percent found in slot machines. On top of that, live dealer baccarat games usually have an even lower house edge than those found in land-based casinos.

British gambling laws require online casinos to list the house edge of games, and these internet sites have to compete fiercely for players. Whereas many land-based casinos are geographically isolated, there are countless online options available at the click of a button.

Not only does playing live dealer baccarat show that you are a man of luxury, it shows that you know how to find the best return on an investment. In business, that’s the name of the game.

Playing live dealer shows you are tech savvy

There is something to be said for the nostalgia of playing in a land-based casino. But a successful businessmen must adapt to the spirit of the times. Failing to move forward is the same thing as moving backward. And live dealer games are the most innovative niche in online casinos in Britain.

At first glance, playing table games via live stream and keyboard seems simple enough. But it was slow in coming to the iGaming industry due to the lack of sophisticated video technology. But capabilities have recently caught up with demand, and now the most forward-looking online gamblers are playing live dealer.

The keyword here is forward-looking. Playing live dealer online baccarat shows that you understand how to use technology and you understand the importance of keeping up. That’s what I would look for in a business partner.

The favor of the Gods shines upon you

Baccarat has two main variations: Punto Banco (American) and Chemin de Fer (French). The former is purely a game of chance while the latter depends heavily on chance with a bit of skill mixed in. Whichever version you prefer, you won’t have success unless the hand of fate intervenes on your behalf.

Many Chinese gamblers favor the mysterious game because of a cultural attraction to fate, says former Vegas executive Bill Zender:

The Asians love the characteristics of the game… To them it’s a pure gambling game. Once the cards have been shuffled, cut and placed into the shoe, the cards speak for themselves… Asians have a strong belief in fate.

No one in their right mind wants to do business with an unlucky person, so this an absolute must if you want to make a splash in the corporate world. Playing and succeeding at live dealer baccarat shows that you generally have luck on your side.

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