5 Best Events for Betting on the 2014 Commonwealth Games

The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow will feature a wide range of sporting events. Consider betting on some new games when logging on to your favorite sportsbook.

The Commonwealth Games are a unique sporting event for a variety of reasons. For one, it is one of the few remaining holdovers from the British Empire, a reminder of the bygone days when the English crown ruled over much of the globe.

Another great thing is that the games give us an opportunity to watch and bet on sporting events we otherwise wouldn’t see much of. The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland will feature standard events like rugby sevens, boxing and swimming as well as games like lawn bowls, squash and badminton which are less likely to be associated with betting.

If you’re interested in betting on the Commonwealth Games, take a few minutes to consider all of the events which are available. This piece will take an in-depth look at the five events we think are the best for betting:

Rugby Sevens

The classic English game of rugby became popular across the British Empire but especially in places like Wales, South Africa and New Zealand. It’s a rough-and-tumble game featuring some of the toughest athletes you’ll find competing hard to bring a gold medal home to their countries.

Online sportsbooks in the UK and elsewhere expect the Kiwis to be dominant. Bet365 is giving them odds of 4/5 compared to 15/8 for South Africa, 11/2 for England and 12/1 for Australia. While that may look like an overwhelming advantage for New Zealand, each of the other countries rounding out the top four will mount a strong challenge.

Men’s Athletics

The 4X100 meter relayrepresents possibly the most intense minute during the entire games. Even if you have only a passive interest in athletics, placing a wager on this is certain to get your heart pounding.
This year the “Bolt Show” Usain Bolt will lead the Jamaicans, who are favored to win the event.

When it comes to the 100 meter sprint, the Jamaicans also look poised to take home the gold. Bet365 is pegging Nickel Ashmeade as the likely outright winner at 8/13 He’s followed by Richard Thompson of Trinidad and Tobago at 5/1 and Jason Livermore (also of Jamaica) at 7/1.

Men’s Lawn Bowls

The traditional game of lawn bowls has been played in the British Isles since the High Middle Ages. The game remains a favorite of backyard barbecues across the Commonwealth as well as in the US, but it’s not something that most sport fans would think about placing a wager on.

• Athletics, lawn bowls, boxing, rugby sevens and triathlon are can’t miss sports at Glasgow
Bet365 predicts Jamaica to win both the 100m sprint ant 4X100m relay
New Zealand’s rugby team looks dominant

That’s precisely why it represents such a unique opportunity! Not all online sportsbooks accept wagers on the age-old game, but here are a few that do: BetfairBetVictor and Paddy Power.

Expect the competition to be fierce. Victor Chandler is giving Ryan Bester and Aron Sheffiff a tie for the top Commonwealth Games betting odds at 5/2, with Darren Burnet following at 7/2 and Robert Weale at 5/1.

Men’s Triathlon

Some argue that triathletes are the world’s most impressive physical specimens; each must be top-notch in running, swimming and bicycling. It’s also a great event to place bets on because you need the weight the strengths and weaknesses of each player.

Triathlon brings the most exciting story to this year’s Commonwealth Games as well. Brothers Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee of England are considered by most to be the top two competitors. If it boils down to a two-way grudge match, be sure to place a wager and tune in closely.

Bet365 is favoring Alistair with 3/10 odds, with Jonathan at 11/4. Richard Murray rounds out the top three with 10/1 odds.

Men’s Boxing

Both men’s and women’s Boxing will be held at the Glasgow games, but men’s is a much bigger draw for sports bettors. You won’t see world boxing champions like Jean Pascal or Amir Khan competing, but the Commonwealth Games have showcased some top amateur boxers over the years.

If you love betting on boxing matches but despise the promoter-controlled world of pro boxing, the Commonwealth Games should appeal to you. England and Canada have been historically dominant in the sport, but this year they will face tougher competition than ever before.

Flyweight Muhammad Waseem of Pakistan won the bronze medal at the 2010 games in New Delhi and will look to improve upon his performance this time around. For Northern Ireland, Patrick Barnes and Michael Conlan both won bronze medals at the 2012 London Olympics and look poised to make a splash in Glasgow.


The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow may not be on part with the Summer Olympics, but they have a lot more to offer than many realize. And some of the world’s top athletes like Usain Bolt and Nickel Ashmeade will be putting on a great show.

Don’t hesitate to place bets on some of the events over the next couple of weeks in Glasgow. In particular, try a few which are off-the-beaten path like lawn bowling and triathlon. Great international sportsbooks like Bet365, BetVictor and Paddy Power take wagers on almost all of the events shown.

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