5 Biggest Sports Betting Wins Of All Time


Posted: November 9, 2020

Updated: November 9, 2020

  • What are the biggest wins in sports betting ever?
  • It is possible to win a million even from the smallest bets
  • Here are 5 lucky men who hit the biggest jackpot at sportsbooks

Every punter dreams about staking small money and winning millions on it. Yet it seems to be beyond the bounds of possibility, history remembers many cases of big wins on low-money bets. Here are 5 biggest sports betting wins of all time that turned their owners into millionaires in a blink of an eye.

Recently, we have spoken about the biggest bets ever placed on sports and politics. Sometimes, people spend unbelievable sums on bets that never bring them profit. However, there are also reverse cases when punters stake cents and win millions of dollars. We have collected the top-5 biggest wins in sports betting to inspire you and prove that everything is possible in the betting world.

Top-5 biggest sports betting wins ever – check them all!

For this list, we have chosen five big wins in sports betting history. They are ranked from the smallest (if it can be called so) to the largest amount of money ever won at bookmakers or online sportsbooks in the UK.

Winning £585,000 on an £0.80 bet

The 5th biggest-ever win in sports with the smallest bet belongs to an anonymous Maltese punter. In 2011, this lucky man or woman wagered £0.80 on Liverpool to score a last-minute winning goal against Chelsea. The odds were “just” 683,738/1 and it worked. As a result, the reckless bettor hit the jackpot of £585,000.

One million pounds on a £0.50 bet

In 2008, Fred Craggs set a record for the biggest win that originated from the smallest bet. The 60-years-old Englishmen wagered just £0.80 on an eight-fold accumulator on horse racing and won a million pounds! Interestingly, he didn’t even know he’d won and realized it only after going to check his next bet.

biggest sports betting wins
Let’s bet!

£1.5 million on a £2 bet

One of the biggest sports betting wins was made in 2011. Another 60-years-old man from the UK, Steve Whiteley, placed a two-pound bet on six horses and won £1.5 million. You can also win millions on horse race betting at Bet365 Sportsbook.

$2.5 million on a $140,000 bet

Dave Oancea is a runner-up on the list of biggest lucky bets of all time with his $2.5 million profit. Although his wager wasn’t small at all, he managed to hit the jackpot by betting on the Kansas City Royals to win the 2015 World Series at 30/1 odds. His risky bet of $140.000 brought him $2.5 million – what a strong intuition!

The biggest win – $3.5 million

A record-high winning belongs to Billy Walters. In 2010, the American wagered an unknown sum of money at the Super Bowl XLIV. Walters bet on the New Orleans Saints to beat the favorite aka the Indianapolis Colts. As the team has never won, the odds were not in their favor, but the game turned out to be worth candles. Billy Walters won $3.5 million, which is the biggest win on sports betting ever.

Wagering on sports at online gambling sites in the UK can also bring you millions. Don’t hesitate to check the odds on football, horse racing, tennis, and other sports.

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