Biggest Bets Ever Placed at Sportsbooks


Posted: November 6, 2020

Updated: November 6, 2020

  • Sometimes, punters spend millions at betting sites
  • What are the 3 biggest bets ever placed? Check now

Have you ever thought about the biggest bets ever placed at sportsbooks? It is quite interesting to learn about people spending jaw-dropping sums on sports or politics. Here is the list of the 3 largest wagers of all time.

Betting on sports events sometimes breaks all the limits. While most punters try to wager money carefully and consider all risks, the others pay millions randomly or in an attempt to get lucky. Sometimes, it really works! We have found three craziest sums people have ever wagered on sports or politics – don’t hesitate to check them now.

3 biggest bets ever placed: bookmakers’ ranking

There have been many big bets in the history of online sportsbooks in Norway but the next three punters exceeded all expectations. We have ranked top-3 crazy big bets from the lowest sum (if we can say so) to the highest. Pay attention that we don’t include casino bets, so William Lee Bergstrom’s record will not be here. Also, we list both online and offline record-high bets on this list.

biggest bets ever placed
Those are some crazy bets!

A $500,000 bet on Super Bowl

A $500,000 bet on the Super Bowl is among the biggest bets ever placed on sports. In 2002, NBA Champion Charles Barkley wagered half a million on the New England Patriots to win the competition. His prediction was unlikely to come true as the team was an outsider in comparison to the St. Louis Rams. However, Barkley decided to take the risk and won $800,000. Will you dare to do the same at Bet365 Sportsbook when the next Super Bowl comes?

$5 million on Trump’s victory in 2020

One of the biggest bets in modern history was made just a few days ago. An anonymous gambler from the UK wagered $5 million on Donald Trump to win the 2020 Presidential election. It allowed the bettor to make the largest-ever political bet of all time. Odds on Trump to stay as the US leader were really good and payouts could reach $15 million! We can only imagine how disappointed the unknown punter is now after Joe Biden’s almost-confirmed victory. However, votes aren’t still counted, so maybe there is a chance for the Briton to win?

15 million dollars – the biggest bet on horses

The Hermit’s Pride was a group of professional bettors who wagered on horses in Ireland in the 1900s. Back in the 1900s, money had a different value, so, if speaking about it’s equivalent in 2020, The Hermit’s Pride has spent $15 million on horses. Fortunately, some of their bets were successful and profit was good. You can also bet on horse racing at online gambling sites in Norway.

Unfortunately, not all the biggest bets ever placed are publicly known. Most punters prefer to stay anonymous, so it is difficult to track them. On the contrary, the luckiest casino winners are exposed more frequently. You can read about the largest wins in casinos here.

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