Biggest Wins in Online Casinos – How Casino Can Change Your Whole Life

  • Most players did not have a straight purpose of winning, they just enjoyed the game!
  • Sometimes the smallest amount put on wagers is enough to change your whole life

Whether it has been on poker, lottery, or just slots, there have always been biggest wins in online casinos. And you do not have to put big money on wagers. In some cases, a few cents were enough (a small spoiler).

You must probably know about the benefits of gambling, but before all, it is just a great way to entertain. Such a great interest makes this industry grow at a fast speed, subsequently, increasing the number of online gambling sites in the US. Therefore, today, you can come across a lot of gambling sites, including Ignition Casino or Intertops.

So, here is the list of those lucky players who came just to entertain!

One of New Zealand’s Biggest Wins in Online Casinos

“I still can’t believe this is real. I’ve been in shock since I won and it is literally going to change my life. There is so much my family and I can do with this money and it couldn’t have come at a better time. We are so overwhelmed and happy.”

We start our list with Rawiri Pou from New Zealand who got lucky in June 2016. Lucky beggar played the video slot known as Mega Moolah when he suddenly became the part of gambling history. He won 10,144,395.82 New Zealand dollars! The young millionaire decided to spend money on his family though.

biggest wins in online casinos
Those are some crazy wins.

A Lucky Australian

Next, we are going to talk about the Australian guy. In April 2016, he won 10,423,223 Australian dollars via Microgaming at the Dark Knight.

You have 243 winning combinations where only 4 of them are jackpots. Usually, the machine can give about $1 million only, but the Australian made the miracles happen!

This guy’s record will forever stay as one of the biggest wins in online casinos simply because sometime after this jackpot, the Dark Knight shut down.

Life-Changing 25 Cents

Something we do not even dream about – it’s that hard to believe in it!

Mega Fortune slot is famous for its high jackpots. It remained the gold standard of all the big slot wins for a long time. Mega Fortune has 5 reels to play across with 25 pay lines.

So, on January 13, 2013, a lucky Finn did the impossible and won the huge €17,861,800. The Finnish player took no deposit bonus for free spin and later placed 25 cents on the game.

One More Lucky Finn Gambling at Arabian Nights

The Arabian Nights slot jackpot is one of the oldest NetEnt games. Yet, so many players at online casinos in the US still prefer it to many other games. So, we are going to talk about the hugest Arabian Nights jackpot that became one of the biggest wins in online casinos.

The Finnish people are pretty lucky with hitting jackpots. The biggest jackpot won at Arabian Nights was €8,635,872 by Finnish player in November 2012.

The machine has 5 reels with 10 pay lines and was set up in 2005 by NetEntertainment. Though it’s as popular as it was in the beginning, the simplicity it has keeps the gamblers attracted to it.

No one could beat the Finnish player’s Arabian Nights record so far. And though, say, Mega Fortune usually has paid more jackpots, Arabian Nights still has its place in the gambling industry.

Inspiring Story From Greece

“Do not lose hope, one small moment can change your life!” – said the lucky player from Greece.

Well, besides Mega Fortune we have one more very generous slot with progressive slots – Mega Moolah. And the fact that most gamblers win their jackpots from these slots justifies it once again.

So, the story. The beginning is typical, in March 2009 a 36-year-old Georgios decided to gamble at Mega Moolah. But the ending of the story is not typical at all. Suddenly, the player won 6,300,000 euros and became the owner of one of the biggest wins in online casinos!

Georgios could not that it all was true and we can understand it – can you imagine happening this to you?

biggest wins in online casinos
Let’s get some money!

Soldier Becoming the Owner of One of the Biggest Wins in Online Casinos

Well, could you of the possibility of hitting a multi-million jackpot just 25 minutes after opening a Betway account? Sounds as something impossible to happen, yet, Jonathan Heywood did it. Eventually, Jonathan brought home a about 13 million GBP! Initially, the soldier said he would just use the money on buying a Bentley. He also mentioned that he would send his family to a European cruise. But, eventually, on the interview he had In 2018, Jonathan said most of the winnings were spent on his father’s medical treatment and investments.

A Story Becoming the Part of the Guinness World Book

And the last story we will talk about happened on September 24 in 2011. A player from Norway just wanted to play some casino games and hit the first progressive jackpot in history! His winning passed a mark of 10 million, so, overall, the prize constituted 11,736,375 euros. Such a great amount made the Guinness Book representatives include this record to the reference book.

The slot the Norwegian player picked was our generous Mega Fortune again. Nevertheless, the player did not tell exactly where he would spend the money as he needed to calm down first. Then, he could decide what to do with the money. This jackpot remains one of the biggest wins in online casinos in general as well as in Mega Fortune Slot.

Check gambling sites and use online gambling bonuses in the US to become one of those fortunate players!

You can discover more about Ignition Casino here.

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