5 Fun Facts About Baccarat What You May Did Not Know

  • Baccarat's Name Means the Worst Possible Hand in the Game
  • The Game of Agent 007 and Jackie Chan
Fun Facts About Baccarat

Baccarat is an all-time-favorite at land-based and online casinos as well. It has a unique history with interesting and exciting parts. While it may look complicated to play, it is actually quite simple and gives you a lot of fun. Now we will introduce you to some fun facts about Baccarat which may shed new light on your opinion of the game!

Punto Banco is the American Baccarat

According to the History of Baccarat, the game sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to reach Cuba, where it became popular under the name Punto Banco. This game adapted to the local culture in many ways, and as a result, Punto Banco became the American Baccarat.

During the decades, American casinos adopted Punto Banco as their own and changed its name to Mini-Baccarat. But besides some minor changes, Mini-Baccarat sill plays out according to the same basic rules and gameplay structure.

Moreover, Punto Banco has the simplest rules among all the variants of Baccarat. Further, first online casinos used this version too, because of its easiness. However, you can find many interesting variants of the game from the simplest ones to the Live Baccarat.

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Fun Fact: Baccarat’s Name Means the Worst Possible

Fun Facts About Baccarat
Baccarat game – Image via Flickr

Many casino games, such as Blackjack, are named after their highest winning card. However, Baccarat is named after the worst possible hand that can be held, which is zero.

Another fun fact about Baccarat is that some historians think that the game’s birthplace is Medieval Italy. According to historic evidence, the true inventor is Felix Falguiere, who called the game Baccara, which means zero. The reason is all tens and face cards were worth zero, however, the French name Baccarat became popular. 

The Name Rhymes With Far, Not Fat

Further, if you speak French, you should know how to pronounce the word baccarat. Plenty of Americans say that it is back-uh-rat, however that is wrong. The game of Baccarat has nothing to do with rodents, like rats. You should pronounce the world bah-kuh-rah.

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Another Fun Fact About Baccarat: It Has a Very Easy Strategy!

Besides it has the simplest strategy among table games, there are only three possible wagers you can make. It is the most suitable for beginners, they will enjoy the game so much and learn very fast how to play and win!

If you want to learn interesting Winning Live Baccarat Strategies for Beginners, this article is for you!

Baccarat Only Has 3 Different Bets

Here is a huge advantage of Baccarat for beginners! The game only has three possible wagers, which are the following ones.

  • Place the bet on the banker hand to win
  • Wagering on the player hand to win
  • Betting that both hands will tie

On every table, whether it is online or land-based, you will see circles marked player, banker and tie. Usually, on land-based tables the player circle is the closest one to you, the banker circle is in the middle, and the tie circle is close to the dealer. 

Online Baccarat tables have different layouts that feature larger betting circles because you are the only player. Of course, the situation is different in the case of Live Baccarat. But it is just another fun fact!

The Easy Strategy is a Real Fun Fact

As we mentioned, Baccarat has the easiest strategy among any of the table games. You achieve perfect strategy by literally making the same bet every hand.

We should state that every round is completely random, such in the roulette. So there is no connection between the rounds and winning. However, some people think that if the bank wins three times in a row, the player is due to win soon, so they bet on them as the chances are roughly 50-50%.

Of course, this strategy is baseless, makes no sense, and there is no mathematical explanation for that.

Baccarat and the Most Famous Movies 

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the most interesting game of them all?

Unfortunately, you cannot find the game of Baccarat in Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, however, the game plays a huge roll in other famous movies. If you are interested in how Hollywood affected the popularity of the Baccarat, keep on reading!

Fun Facts About Baccarat
Baccarat championship – Image via Flickr

The Game of Agent 007

Over the years and 26 films, movie fans have watched James Bond gamble his way through plenty of adventures. Baccarat is the favorite casino game of this mysterious Agent 007.

Another fun fact is that the author Ian Fleming was a passionate gambler and loved the game of Baccarat. After spending a considerable amount of time playing at local casinos, he got his inspiration for future spy movies from the local players. Later, this idea went on to create one of the most famous movie characters in Hollywood’s history.

Rush Hour 3

How could anyone forget that memorable scene, where Chris Tucker mistakes Baccarat for Blackjack in a Paris casino?

In the scene, Chris Rock’s character thought that he won the game seeing his 3 kings. However, he received one of the worst possible hands. As they were in France, you can see them playing the French version of the game, Chemin de Fer.

However, Jackie Chan loves the game off the scene too. Probably this was an inspiration for this funny scene. Furthermore, he also played Baccarat in another one of his popular movies, City Hunter of 1993.

What do you think about these fun facts? Check this article, and pick the Best Site to Play Live Baccarat!

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