5 Reasons Why a Bet on CM Punk isn’t Such a Bad Idea

CM punk in 2014

In just three days, Phil Brooks will finally make his UFC debut after nearly a year-and-a-half since it was announced. Here are 5 reasons why a bet on CM Punk to win at GTBets may not be a bad idea.

He Has Experience Performing in Front of Huge Crowds

Perhaps the biggest take away from the WWE that CM Punk can use in MMA is his experience performing in front of crowds. There’s no question that many fighters freeze up when the bright lights of the UFC hit them, but this should be nothing new to CM Punk.

CM Punk 2012

CM Punk is no stranger to performing in front of huge crowds (photo:

Some critics point out that “performing” in front of a crowd, and fighting in front of a crowd are two different things entirely, and Punk’s experience in the WWE will not prepare him for the feeling of being locked in a cage fight with 20,000 eyes watching you.

Nonetheless, Punk knows the feeling of all eyes being on him. His opponent is only 2-0 in MMA, and has only fought once in the UFC. That fight was one of the first of the night, and the arena was not nearly as full as it will be on September 10th when he taken on CM Punk.

He Has Trained in Jiu Jitsu for Years

It’s common knowledge that Phil Brooks has been training in Brazilian jiu jitsu for years under legendary trainer Rener Gracie. His exact skill level is unknown, but it seems likely that his ground game will be his biggest strength heading into UFC 203.

CM Punk’s ground skills will need to be on point against Mickey Gall, who is a multiple time grappler’s quest champion and has shown over his two professional fights that he can end a fight quickly with a variety of submissions.

Will CM Punk’s jiu jitsu come into play in this fight? That remains to be seen. Most of what we’ve seen in sparring videos has been his striking, but that may be a tactic to throw his future opponent off.

He is Training at One of the Best Gyms in the World

Speculation over where Brooks would train for his future fight began immediately after his debut was announced. US gambling news broke just a week later that Punk would be training in Milwaukee at Team Roufusport under head coach Duke Roufus.

Duke Roufus coach

Team Roufusport is one of the best MMA gyms in the world (photo:

Roufusport is one of the best MMA gyms in the world. Anthony Pettis, the former UFC lightweight champion, Tyron Woodley, current UFC welterweight champion, and Ben Askren, current ONE FC champion are just a few of the teammates Punk will be training alongside.

Duke Roufus is one of the most creative striking coaches in the game today, and is likely the best person to help CM Punk raise his striking skills, and you can bet on CM Punk knowing how to throw solid punches come fight night. Training at Roufusport should prepare Punk for what he will face in the Octagon, and could be key for him getting the victory on Saturday night.

No One Knows What his Game plan Will be

One of CM Punk’s biggest disadvantages is also one of his biggest assets. There is almost no footage of him training, and what little has been released is very generic training routines, not exactly game plan techniques.

No one really knows what CM Punk will try to do at UFC 203. Will he try to stand up with Mickey Gall? Will he use his jiu jitsu experience and hunt for the submission?

It’s anyone’s guess at this point what game plan Punk will utilize on Saturday, and for Mickey Gall, that could be daunting. Not knowing what to train against is tough for a fighter, and Punk most likely knows this. It will be hard to bet on CM Punk winning with a specific technique, but if you want to take a guess head to GTBets.

He Will be Looking to Prove a Point

From the minute CM Punk’s UFC signing was announced, the MMA community began dismissing him. A number of prominent fighters criticized the UFC for signing a fighter with no professional experience, and stated their belief that Punk won’t last one round in the Octagon.

Mickey Gall MMA

You can expect CM Punk to give it his all on September 10th (photo:

Phil Brooks has taken this criticism surprisingly well. He understands he is being given an opportunity here, and will be looking to make the most of it. He has been smart about his training and did not rush his debut, showing he understands what he’s up against once the cage door closes.

CM Punk knows that if he gets destroyed in the first round he will be ridiculed. That has to affect his psyche and should add a level of drive when he’s inside the cage. For Mickey Gall, this is just another fight, but for Punk, this is everything. You can bet on CM punk entering this fight with one thing in mind. To win.

It’s no surprise that GTBets list CM Punk as a massive underdog. He is facing an uphill battle here, but has the potential to pull off a massive upset. Will you bet on CM Punk at UFC 203? Leave your comments below, and make sure to check out GamingZion’s list of online sportsbooks in the US to find all the best websites for betting on MMA.

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