Betting MotoGP Table Leader Marquez Will Win in Rimini? Why?

San Marino Moto GP

Betting MotoGP riders will make it to the end of the race can be pretty dodgy sometimes, Iannone managed to waste a perfectly good second place at Silverstone, and you can’t be as sure in MotoGP racing who’ll win any individual race, at least not as sure as one can be in the stagnant F1, making it great for snap wagers at Bet365, so with another first-time winner last week can the old masters come back for a victory in San Marino or will we see another new face on the top of the rostrum?

Whilst Formula One might well have a new owner, John Malone of media and sports team ownership, the fact remains that this season only three drivers have won a race. Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton have won all but one and it is the teenager Max Verstappen who is the only other winner of an F1 race this year, and then only because the two Mercedes crashed into each other. Compare this to motorcycle racing’s top tier and you’re left betting MotoGP is a more interesting spectacle even if you’ve never seen either before.

New MotoGP Winners This Season

  • Cal Crutchlow – LCR Honda
  • Jack Miller – Estrella Galicia
  • Andrea Iannone – Ducati Team
  • Maverick Vinales – Suzuki Ecstar

Why? Well betting MotoGP will be dominated by one rider is a fools errand, this year seven different riders have grabbed the top spot on the podium and if you like to bet on sports in Italy this means you can easily wager at Bet365 that Valentino Rossi might win the “San Marino & Rimini’s Coast Motorcycle Grand Prix” this weekend without feeling that you’re throwing all caution to the wind and all common sense out the window. In F1 only crazy people are betting on anyone other than Mercedes.

Will Valentino Win It Or Bin It In San Marino?

At the British MotoGP Cal Crutchlow, who won his first MotoGP race this year, grabbed pole position but when the lights went out Silverstone saw him only manage a very creditable second place behind another first time winner Maverick Vinales, and both of them coming home ahead of championship leader Marq Marquez who missed out on the podium coming just fourth behind his only realistic rival for the title this year, Valentino Rossi, but betting either one will win an individual race is no safe bet.

San Marino Moto GP

  • Marc Marquez – 12/5
  • Jorge Lorenzo – 11/4
  • Valentino Rossi – 11/4
  • Andrea Iannone – 9/1
  • Maverick Vinales – 9/1

“I had to take a lot of risks because we got the tire choice wrong.” Bemoaned Marquez. “I immediately realized we’d made a mistake.” Which just goes to show racing-driver/rider excuses are almost interchangeable and betting MotoGP riders aren’t as quick to try and legitimize bad performances as their F1 counterparts is just silly. Of course a big difference is that any Italian gambling news of Maverick’s victory will cause the rest of the sport to take every opportunity to belittle and berate him for being younger and more talented (as the old men in F1 so clearly have with Verstappen) will lose.

2016 Moto GP racer

A bet on Valentino Rossi isn’t as crazy as it may seem (photo:

Betting MotoGP Race Winners Will Be As Uniform As F1 Winners Proves Foolish

So then whilst F1 becomes as predictable as the sunrise betting MotoGP will be as easy to forecast is ridiculous and that provides far more fun wagers at Bet365. If you’re looking for a casino online Singapore might be your best bet, if you’re looking for an exciting motorsport even to bet on, try the race at Misano this Sunday. The championship might be in the bag barring disaster, but who’ll win on this legendary track on the weekend? Lets skirt Italian gambling laws and take a look at what the bookies think.

Moto GP San Marino

Marc Marquez is still the favorite to win the 2016 MotoGP (photo:

Well it might be home turf for Valentino Rossi but it’s Marc Marquez that gets the best of the odds at Bet365 and its ilk garnering around 12/5 so far, with Rossi only getting 11/4 the same as Jorge Lorenzo who loves the San Marino MotoGP and has won it three times, leaving Andrea Iannone, who crashed out with six laps to go from 2nd place at Silverstone, and Maverick Vinales both on 9/1. “It feels incredible, for what I’ve fought for all the time to come true.” said Vinales after the British Moto Grand Prix. I wonder who’s betting MotoGP will render them a win this week because it’s anyone’s race really.

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