Even The FA Won’t Bet On England To Win The World Cup Now


The first step to recovery, they say, is admitting you’ve a problem and whilst the English Football Association isn’t about to step up and start chanting “we’re shit and we know we are” at Wembley any time soon none of them will be visiting Bet365 to put a bet on England to win the World Cup in the next decade, and have officially piped up to say so. Will this evident lack of faith in new manager Sam Alladyce and the team damage their self-confidence on the road to Russia? How can it not?

Can Big Sam Save England?

  • World Cup win aim now gone
  • The FA think it now “daft”
  • No pressure from Greg Clarke
  • Is player effort at a maximum?

The target for England to win the World Cup was set by Greg Dyke who, frankly, thinks big, aims high and is very good at apologizing for not quite managing to set the world to rights as he promised he would. 2022, the year Dyke chose back in 2013, of course, is when the World Cup will controversially be played in a furnace-blasted sandpit somewhere in Qatar, but don’t bet on England being able to blame the challenging temperatures for their failings on the pitch, because right now, England are a mess.

England football team

England had a very poor showing during the 2016 European Chamoionship (photo:

England’s performance at the Euro 2016 tournament was atrociously bad and distinctly pitiful, manager Roy Hodgson did the decent thing, resigning promptly at its all-too-early conclusion, and Dyke stepped down in August. So they brought in Sam Allardyce a big man who almost certainly calls a spade a shovel (and possibly uses one to eat) alongside the new chairman of the FA Greg Clarke who has this week called the target for England to win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar “Daft”, something anyone who likes to bet on sports in the UK already knew to be honest.

Have The English FA Abandoned Their Dreams?

“I’m not going to put pressure on and say we are going to win this tournament or that tournament.” Said Clarke very sensibly given he can’t actually bet on England winning a single match these days let alone a tournament. Getting beaten by Iceland in the last-16 stage of Euro 2016 pretty much proved that, and the horrible 1-0 win over Slovakia at the weekend shouldn’t convince anyone that England is out of the woods and on the road to recovery. Some of them seem very much stuck in denial. Rooney for one.

Russia 2018 World Cup Odds

  • Germany – 5/1
  • Argentina – 8/1
  • Brazil – 8/1
  • France – 9/1
  • Spain – 10/1
  • Italy – 16/1
  • England – 16/1
  • Belgium – 16/1

If there’s one thing you can bet on the England team radiating it’s entitlement. The players are all rich men who play in best paid leagues in the world, their talent, however bad their results, is undeniable and because of that security of ego and finance, can we really be sure that when we take advantage of UK gambling laws to back England we’re actually seeing them make all the effort they should be making? If you were as rich as Rooney how hard would you be trying at work these days? Especially when you’ve a whole litany of excuses ready and others to point the finger of blame at.

Bet On England To Be Entitled To Nothing In 2018

Wayne Rooney, of course, is a special case (and possibly special needs) but his I-know-better attitude on the pitch, mixed with this insane theory that England need the potato-headed freak to win games, is starting to grate, and not just with me. If you’re in Malaysia live casino games allow you get right in on the action, and if Rooney wants to be the center of attention perhaps he should try them, because he seems alone in having bet on England needing a second manager and making decisions all of his own out on the pitch.

German football team

Team Germany are the favorites to win the 2018 World Cup (photo:

If it weren’t for Adam Lallana scoring in the fifth minute of a four minute injury time add on, Rooney would already be gone. He’s said he’s retiring after the next world cup, one that no one will bet on England to win at Bet365 or anywhere else, but now needs to go. Will Allardyce ditch him? No. No one in the UK gambling news coverage will be of Rooney being dropped any time soon is sensible, the tabloids would go berserk, and it seems they run the England team with Rooney more than Big Sam or Greg Mk.II do.

The bookies, like Bet365, are understandably playing it a little coy with England at 16/1 to win the 2018 World Cup in Russia, alongside Belgium and Italy, Spain get 10/1, France 9/1 with Brazil and Argentina both getting 8/1 leaving Germany in the lead as favorites at just 5/1. Of course a lot could happen between now and 2018, both inside and beyond the world of football, but Vladimir Putin invading Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia is more likely that England learning to play football.

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