5 Weirdest Lotto Facts to Surprise You

  • These 5 totally crazy facts about the lottery will blow your mind
  • Why do women hide lottery tickets in their underwear? Read below!
weirdest lotto facts

Throughout its history, the lottery has always been accompanied by mind-blowing records and unbelievable stories from its players. Here are the 5 weirdest lotto facts that we find the most interesting to learn about. We bet you haven’t ever heard about them!

The lottery is probably the most popular gambling game in the world. People play lotto online and offline, in shopping malls and on petrol stations, and every single ticket can bring them millions! The lottery is also a more accessible gambling activity than poker or slots that are played mostly in casinos. It is not surprising that this game has a lot of fans across the globe, who constantly enrich the long lottery history with their mind-blowing stories. So, it’s time to learn about the most unbelievable stories about the lottery.

Most lottery winners keep their jobs

What would you do if you hit the lottery jackpot? Some people say they would quit their jobs and travel across the world or move to another country. However, most real-life lotto winners prefer keeping the job and improving their living conditions. According to UK lotto agencies, 48% of all lucky winners didn’t change their lifestyle much. In the US, this rate is even higher as 67% of lucky men didn’t even think about leaving work. In particular, even people who ended up with $10 million kept their jobs. Obviously, not everyone hits the jackpot like in the lotto movies, but usually online lotteries like theLotter offer attractive payouts for their gamblers. Currently, one of the biggest jackpots at the lotto site exceeds $336 million.

Leaving tips with lottery tickets is a good idea

It may sound bizarre, but leaving tips with lottery tickets is a good idea if you are a waiter. Don’t get angry if you were left nothing but them as many lotto winners hit the jackpot thanks to their clients.

The most famous case of winning the lottery from tips touches upon Phyllis Penzo, who received a $3 million winning ticket. A woman has worked in American pizzeria for almost 25 years when fortune smiled on her. One of her regular customers forgot cash for tips and offered the waitress to share his jackpot if he wins it. The man kept his word and gave half of the $6 million payout as soon as he realized that his ticket was winning.

Another memorable situation with winning tips came from Oregon. A 25-years-old waiter accepted tips aka Keno tickets and won $17.000. The waiter tried to give the money back to the owner, but he refused to accept it. 

weirdest lotto facts
Playing lotto online is way more simple

More weirdest lotto facts? Here are lotto tickets in a bra

Keeping lucky tickets in bras is one of the weirdest lotto facts that truly exists. It was figured out that more than 30% of female lottery winners kept papers with winning numbers in their underwear. We can only think about the reasons why ladies act like that. It can be done for security reasons or to hide the fact of hitting the jackpot in the safest place, what do you think?

There was only one woman of all known female winners who explained the logic of keeping tickets in a bra. An anonymous lady from Dublin won €5.4 million before Christmas Day, but has hidden her lottery ticket in a sports bra for almost a month! She said she has done it to save the ticket till the end of the holidays. Why she didn’t claim her money right after the New Year Eve is still a question. Luckily, playing lottery online doesn’t force you to worry about safety as no one steals your jackpot from the most reliable lotto sites in the UK.

Winning lottery numbers can be found in cookies

One of the weirdest lotto facts that is difficult to believe took place in the US. A few years ago, 110 people claimed the second prize from the local lottery, which is a record number of potential winners ever. The authorities initially suspected them in a foul play, but the truth was even more bizarre. It turned out that more than a hundred gamblers found their lucky numbers in fortune cookies produced by the same company!

There is another story bound to fortune cookies. Last year, a lotto winner Charles Jackson found a set of numbers in a cookie in a local Vietnamese restaurant. He later used them in his lottery ticket and won the $344 million jackpot! So, don’t ignore such signs and try them at  theLotter – probably, you are the next winner!

The lottery is more popular than movies and music

Surprisingly, one of the weirdest lotto facts comes directly from the popularity of the game. It is so huge that any other activity can’t even compare. Do you know that people in North America spend more money on the lottery than all other entertaining activities like sports, movies, and music…combined? To amuse you even more than ever, the total sum counts only paper tickets and doesn’t include online lotto games in the US!

A few years ago, several of the North American state lottery agencies revealed that people spend on average $75 billion on lotto tickets. At the same time, Americans spend around $63 billion on sports activities, movie tickets, music and games, books, and magazines put together! Such an unbelievable success makes the lottery the most popular activity in the US by far.

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