How to Be a Professional Gambler in Three Steps


Posted: May 29, 2020

Updated: May 29, 2020

  • These 3 simple tips will help you to become a professional gambler
  • Learn what skills & qualities are needed for a successful career
  • Where to practice poker to achieve the greatest result?

Would you like to know how to be a professional gambler and earn money playing casino games? A three-phase introduction to the professional gambling world will help you to learn the basics about playing on an advanced level and turning a hobby into a successful career.

Most people gamble just to earn some money and improve their lifestyle, while others take it seriously. A small percentage of all gamblers work on building up a successful career as a pro poker player or a lottery expert. If you belong to this minority, read about the 3 basic steps you need to take to call gambling your profession.

What do professional gamblers do?

Firstly, let’s define what professional gamblers usually do. Basically, their duties depend on the kind of the game they choose to play on a high level. If it is the lottery, you will have to… play lotto and also monitor winning numbers constantly to come up with your own lucky combination. If you choose poker, you will attend poker tournaments to compete with other pros and win the major prize – not only money but trophies and the right to enter the Poker Hall of Fame someday. Some gamblers choose online poker tournaments held at US casino sites, where they win no less money than WSOP participants. You can also become a gambling tutor, but it will be a different story.

There are fortunately no “working hours” for people who choose gambling as a profession. They are just like freelancers, whose income depends on their skills and luck. It’s up to you to decide whether it is an advantage or disadvantage, but since you are here to learn how to be a professional gambler, we think we know the answer.

3 tips on how to be a professional gambler

While putting together tips on how to be a professional gambler, we have taken poker as the main example. The majority of the prestigious and large-winning gambling tournaments include poker games; the most famous is the World Series of Poker. In addition, the most famous professional gamblers are all poker players, so let’s consider this game as a guide point for newcomers. So, what should green poker players do to achieve high results in gambling?

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Don’t skip training

We believe that you are already familiar with such basics as the order of hands in poker, so let’s skip this part. Having learned all the rules of poker, you have to practice it a lot. Like every other professional sphere, gambling needs sharpening skills and finding out new strategies. In addition, learning how to bluff or improving this ability if you already have one will not go amiss.

how to be a professional gambler
Rome wasn’t built in a day – Take your time!

There are various ways to practice poker. The most obvious advice is to visit casinos, play online, or in a circle of friends. However, there are also hidden paths to get advanced knowledge of poker tactics. For example, you can take gambling courses to enhance your skills and learn from professionals. There are many poker champions to give workshop sessions in casinos from time to time (now you can look for them online). Watching Youtube videos will not hurt, but it is more helpful for green gamblers.

What else to do to train in poker? Work on your mimics and behavior at the table at home. There are a variety of qualities you need to be able to compete with pros. The major of them include:

  • Emotional control
  • Patience
  • Cool head
  • Trained memory
  • Concentrating ability
  • Stress resistance
  • Bluffing

As we have already mentioned, bluffing is an essential tool that can turn the whole game upside down. So, learn how to lie in front of a mirror and then practice on your friends. Read more about how to be a professional gambler whilst at home here.

Visit tournaments and related events

Like any other career, gambling talents need to be professionally developed. What can teach you better than playing alongside the best poker players and learning their best tricks? Visit as many tournaments and open-plays as you can, but carefully select them first if you don’t want to get into some illegal meeting. Here you can play either with top poker stars or choose second-tier games. Practice makes perfect and this golden rule shouldn’t be ignored in gambling too. 

There is another way to meet poker legends – just visit various annual meetings on gambling, where you can learn interesting facts and tips. You will stay tuned to the latest gambling regulations, winning statistics, and other important updates that can help you to improve your career.

Learn the main secret of poker

Although the first steps are also important, there is a major secret you need to know about to be a professional gambler. Regardless of the time and money, you spend on playing poker, you will always lose if you choose the wrong opponents. The major poker tip is to be able to “read” people and find the weakest or least experienced players in the room. You need to feel when they bluff, have a lack of confidence and turn their weaknesses into your weapon. To make money on gambling, you must have a big gap between you and your opponent – not only on a skill-level but on a mental one too.

However, this advice has also its own drawbacks. Being a good psychologist really helps, but only if you play poker offline. If you decide to be among anonymous online poker pros at Intertops Casino, luck and knowledge are all you can rely on.

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