5 Worst Fouls in Football History

  • Not all footballers follow fair play rules
  • What are the dirtiest fouls in football ever?
worst fouls in football history

Football is a dirty game. It is full of horrendous plays that either deserved or were rewarded with red cards. Thanks to players aiming to win at any cost, we made the list of the worst fouls in football history.

Football is the most popular sport in the world, but its popularity has a dark side too. Aiming to win the trophy at any cost, some players descend to horrendous fouls and tackles. While the list of the dirtiest football players reveals foulers’ names, we will rank the worst fouls in football history in our top-5.

Ben Thatcher’s foul on Pedro Mendes

One of the most brutal fouls in football history took place in 2006. Man City’s Ben Thatcher competed with Portsmouth’s Pedro Mendes for a loose ball during the game. To win the race, Thatcher intentionally led with his elbow which resulted in Mendes being knocked unconscious into ad hoardings. As a result, the management sent Mendes to the hospital as he suffered a seizure and required oxygen. At the same time, all Thatcher received from a referee was a yellow card! This case could easily be one of the biggest referee’s mistakes but FA decided to investigate Thatcher’s brutal foul and banned him for 8 matches (Man City suspended him for six).

Two Kevin Muscat’s brutal fouls in 2011

Kevin Muscat has one of the worst reputations among footballers. He is infamous for elbowing, tackling, and provoking players during his performances in various championships. No wonder that this Australian player’s foul has found its place on the list of the worst fouls in football history.

worst fouls in football history
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In 2011, Muscat brutally tackled Melbourne Heart’s Adrian Zahra landing him head-first. Such a foul was widely commented on in Australia and outside it, especially when it resulted in a suspension for 8 matches for Muscat. What is more, it was the first Muscat’s match after another suspension – a red-card foul on Adam Hugdes. 

Keane on Haaland: one of the worst fouls in football history

These two had bad blood long before the incident in the 2001 Manchester derby. By the way, you can bet on the new one at online sportsbook news in Spain. So, in 1998/99, Roy Keane accidentally hurt his knee trying to tackle Alf-Inge Haaland. The latter didn’t believe in his injury and blamed him for simulation on the field. 

Two years later, Keane got an opportunity to have his revenge. During the Man City v Man Utd match, Keane lunged at Haaland’s knee with his foot and smashed all of his weight into it. In addition to this brutal foul, he screamed at his opponent blaming him for simulation like Haaland did three seasons ago. Unlike Keane, Haaland’s injury was intentional, so Roy was fined and sent off for 5 games. 

Horrendous foul on the World Cup final in 2010

Undoubtedly, one of the worst fouls in football history took place in 2010. What makes it even more disgusting is that it was the World Cup final and billions of people with kids were watching it live. 

During the final match between Spain and Holland, Nigel de Jong committed a foul on Xabi Alonso. The Spanish player was aiming for an aerial ball when the Dutch hit him right in his chest. De Jong did it intentionally as he wasn’t aiming for the ball. What is more ridiculous is that he received only a yellow card for his actions. 

worst fouls in football history
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Alex Witsel’s kick and Marcin Wasilewski’s broken leg

One of the most disgusting and definitely worst fouls in football history belongs to Alex Witsel. In 2009, the Belgian player severely hit Polish Marcin Wasilewski’s leg and left it broken. Such a terrible incident happened as a result of Wasilewski’s attempt to keep the ball when Witsel bumped into his right leg with all of his weight. As a result, Wasilewski’s leg was literally broken in two and it was the most horrendous foul we have ever seen.

Predictably, Alex Witsel received a red card after such a brutal kick. Nowadays, you can bet on players’ fouls and penalties at Bet365 Sportsbook. Considering the number of dirty players playing these days, you can easily predict someone receiving a red card.

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