6 Fun Facts About Roulette

  • Fun Facts and Ridiculous Gambling Laws
  • Munch's Paintings Express Your Feelings About Casinos
  • Mathematician from the 17th century and the number 17
fun facts about Roulette

We wrote several articles about how wonderful casino game roulette is! Besides, it is one of the most popular games in the land-based and online casinos, it is also one of the most difficult ones to play. In this article we gathered you some interesting fun facts about Roulette, hope you will enjoy it!

Here are some Fun Facts About the History of Roulette

If you read our article about the History of Roulette, you should know many interesting things regarding this casino game. However, there is some stuff that we did not mention in that article. Keep on reading!

Do you have any idea how people invented the roulette wheel? It was completely an accident! Blaise Pascal’s name is probably familiar to you, he lived in the 17th century. Pascal was a mathematician and he also introduced the theory of probabilities. He invented many impressive creations, however, Pascal also gave us the roulette wheel.

He wanted to create a device that can continuously rotate without the aid of any form of energy. Naturally, if you love physics you know that this perpetual motion machine would rewrite the laws of physics, so it is impossible to implement.

Nevertheless, this failed experiment inspired two French men who modified the machine a little bit and gave birth to the fancy roulette wheel.

What do you think of this fun fact about Roulette?

Tricky Casinos Against the Gambling Laws in California

We wrote an article about the most Ridiculous Gambling Laws, but here is another one!

California has numerous gambling laws, but there is one, which makes the classic roulette illegal in the whole state. According to this rule, only a deck of cards can generate win results. Therefore, because the roulette uses a wheel instead of cards, gambling laws in California do not adopt it. What an interesting fun fact about Roulette!

fun facts about Roulette
Casinos can get tricky.

However, the casino owners are tricky. They know that roulette is one of the greatest casino games and should be on the main floor. Casinos invented the “California Roulette” which you can play with cards instead of spinning a wheel and a ball. It is no surprise that the odds and payouts of this variation remain the same as roulette. The only difference is the device that obtains the result.

Fun Fact: These are the Most Commonly Played Numbers

Do you have an idea which are the most commonly played numbers on the roulette wheel? Now we tell you!

If you are a fan of James Bond, you should know that 17 is his favorite number. Many believe that players bet on this lucky number because of him, however, the more acceptable reason is that the number 17 is centrally located on the table. The other popular number among roulette players is 22. This number also has a fan-fiction which associates it with the famous Casino scene. However, it also pops up in the movies Indecent Proposal and Lost in America.

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If you have another fun fact about Roulette numbers, please share it with us!

What is Banned in the Casinos, it is Natural Online

Did you know that drinking at the roulette table is a huge no-no? Meanwhile, you can bring drinks to the Blackjack or Baccarat table, it is banned if you are playing roulette. You can enjoy your delicious cocktail afar from the game’s table, but after you finished it you are welcome anytime.

Luckily, the situation is different in the case of online casinos. You can enjoy your drink and even lunch during your Live Roulette tournament. What is more, you do not even have to wear clothes while you are playing. Keep calm, no one will know that.

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The Expression of this Fun Fact about Roulette

Previously we wrote an interesting article about some Historical Figures Who Gambled. This little fun fact about Roulette section could be the continuation of it.

Not Claude Monet was the only painter who loved gambling. Do you know who created one of the most famous paintings in history, The Scream? It was the genius expressionist, Edvard Munch. He mastered expressing real-life scenarios on canvases. His painting ‘At The Roulette Table in Monte Carlo’ probably is the most popular casino-related artwork of our time. Unfortunately, this masterpiece was extremely underrated in Munch’s time.

fun facts about Roulette
These are some nice fun facts!

Furthermore, many of Edvard Munch’s paintings give us powerful emotions, which can be related to casinos. You can hear the painter’s faint scream if you are staring at The Scream too long. This painful masterpiece evokes all the feelings one would anticipate in a casino house.

Our Fun Facts About Roulette Article Comes to Its End

Before we finish this Fun Facts about Roulette article, we would like to share with you another interesting stuff about this casino game.

If you decide to play on the online casino sites in the USA, you should know that there is always a 50-50 chance. Unless we ignore the zero and you bet on red or black. You can find 18 red numbers and 18 black numbers on the roulette wheel and one green, the zero. As you can see betting on a color has always the highest chance than on a number. However, you should remember that the spins are random so if the first one was red, there is nothing to guarantee that the second one will be black.

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