Best Mobile Casino Slots To Play in 2020


Posted: June 2, 2020

Updated: June 2, 2020

  • What are the best slots to play on iPhone and Android?
  • Here are five high-quality games that will satisfy everyone
  • All slots have a high RTP and improved visuals for phones

What slot machines to play in 2020 to enjoy all benefits of innovations and modern technology? Here are our picks of the best mobile casino slots that you can play directly from your smartphone. What is good – they are available for every operating system! 

Like all other activities, gambling is also influenced by developments in modern technology. Gambling via smartwatch is considered to be the very next step in giving a boost to casino games and making them more available to play. However, Apple Watch and its counterparts are still used by every 10th American only. At the same time, smartphones are an essential part of everyone’s everyday life. Therefore, we will focus on mobile gambling activities to learn what are the 5 best mobile casino slots to play in 2020 enjoying all high-tech benefits. 

Play 7s Wild on your phone

You can play the most classic slot game on your mobile with Slotland Casino. 7s Wild is familiar even to green gamblers as they should have seen this slot in not just in casinos, but in some malls, gaming rooms, or even movies. In 2020, the game is finally available for iPhones or Androids and is a perfect choice for gamblers thanks to many reasons.

Firstly, any device supports the 7sWild slot thanks to its simplicity. It is not overloaded by complex animation effects or unnecessary sounds; you just spin the reels, collect fruits on your pay lines, and win. However, do not think that the game looks old-fashioned due to its simple design. Spileo has improved the fruit machine by adding high-quality images of symbols and background to make it look good in 2020. It makes 7s Wild one of the best mobile casino slots to play nowadays.

best mobile casino slots
Play 7’s!

Cleopatra slot is the classic one

As one of the most iconic Egypt-themed slots, this IGT game had no choice but to enter this list. Cleopatra is a 5-reel slot with a 95% RTP and lots of fans across the world. Featuring the topic about the most famous Egyptian queen, the Cleopatra slot is one of the most popular picks at online casino sites. Now, it is also available for playing on iPhones and Androids too.

To play the Cleopatra slot, all you have to do is download the app on your device or look for the game at online casinos in the US. While playing the slot, you have to collect symbols of ancient Egypt treasures, landmarks, and the Queen herself. Cleopatra is a simple but well-designed slot, which makes it a suitable game for everyone and accessible on smartphones too.

Best mobile casino slots: Triple Diamonds

Play Triple Diamonds on your smartphone to experience the easiness of hitting the jackpot in 2020. This another classic slot game gained its popularity years ago but received a new lease of life thanks to mobile apps. It is not overshadowed by more pretentious slots anymore as Triple Diamonds are equally exciting to play online or via smartphone.

The slot itself is pretty simple to play, that is why the rate of Triple Diamonds is 4/5 according to 10.000 votes. The game has just 3 reels and 9 pay lines, which makes it easy to win some cash. Triple Diamonds’ RTP is almost 97%, so it is basically the most profitable slot to play on your smartphone.

best mobile casino slots
Triple diamond!

Preferring arty games? Try Golden Goddesses

There were lots of classic-themed games on our list, but the best mobile casino slots aren’t limited by them. Gamblers who prefer playing fancy slots with animated effects and deep-laid design should install Golden Goddesses on their smartphones. 

The game somehow reminds about fantasy-themed slots with beautiful creatures, calm music, and mystery-looking backgrounds. To win the 5×10 reel machine, collect images of fairy goddesses, brave soldiers, emblems of roses, doves, and horses. As one of the highest-rated slot games, Golden Goddesses is one of the most advanced picks for playing via phone.

Dragon Spin is among the best mobile casino slots

Slots featuring dragons are one of the most popular ever. People of ancient China believed that these beasts symbolized power and intelligence, so brought good luck to people having these features. This symbolism reflected upon slot games as well as there are too many dragon-themed picks. Dragon Spin is the one available both at Slotland Casino and on iPhone/Android marketplaces to play via mobile.

Dragon Spin is a highly-ranked slot with 5 reels and 30 fixed pay lines. Its RTP almost reaches 96%. Besides a high chance of getting profit, the slot can satisfy your hunger for an exciting gaming process as it has music and animations to entertain you while you spin the reels to find dragons’ images. As a result, we have one of the best mobile casino slots which are worth playing in 2020.

You can discover more about Slotland Casino here.

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