7 Types Of Sportsbook Bettors – Funniest Archetypes


Posted: April 19, 2023

Updated: April 19, 2023

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In this article, we are going to talk about the 7 types of Sportsbook bettors. We already had a serious article about this. But this time we are going to give you some entertainment. Do not take these archetypes to the heart. However, they are all based on real people. If you find yourself among these, then maybe it’s time for you to change your mindset about gambling. However, the sad reality is that these people really frequent betting platforms.

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After a serious article about bettor types, it’s time for me to introduce you to the 7 types of sportsbook bettors. These are the stereotypes you can find on online sportsbook sites in the UK. This is just a comical list that saturates the mistakes of bettors. However, sometimes you can run into these people in reality. It is extremely fun or frustrating when you do. Some of them are delusional.

However, some of them are just horrible. Without further ado, let’s review the people you will meet on the digital Punter palace. These legends make the betting forums funny. If you recognize yourself in one of these, then maybe it’s time to change a little.

7. That Guy – 7 Types Of Sportsbook Bettors

Let’s start this list with that guy. The person who always knows the top strategies. Reminds me of us a little. Except for the fact that he is always wrong. But of course, he knows the best F1 pilot of the year. He knows which team will win and how many kills an eSport team will receive. Whenever you discuss betting with him in a community. He always voices his opinion as if it was a fact. When people ask how he knows, he just says some entry-level esoteric knowledge. 

7 types of sportsbook bettors
Picture Source: Flickr

According to Forbes, the main difference between a sportsbook bettor and a sports fan is that bettors are investing money. However, that guy never bets on whatever he preaches. This is why you should know better than taking his advice. He might be correct once every full moon. But it’s not that often.

6. Always Wagering On The Bad Horse

Moving on to the second worst person among the 7 types of sportsbook bettors. It’s the person who always bets on the losing horse. He is super similar to That Guy. He is his sidekick. While That Guy is the Batman saying his weird lines. This guy is Robin who receives his movie six times and always picks the worst actor. He will put a bet on a three-legged horse. Because he likes its name.

These guys are going to bet on Team Dignitas in eSports. He likes the team logo, he likes the team name. And of course, the team seems charismatic. According to Bleacher Report, many superstar sports legends belong to this category. For example, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Phil Mickelson are all great sportsmen. But they are the biggest losers when it comes to betting.

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5. Karen And Kevin

This power couple is the worst pair you can get in gambling. No wonder why they are at the 7 types of sportsbook bettors. Because they are unfortunately common. This means that this type of person is not even just a joke. You know that you belong to the Iconic gambling memes when you are a digital Karen.

Many people play on websites such as Bet Online. They make bad decisions and then they go to customer support to complain and ask for a refund. What makes these people worse is that they are harassing female customer support representatives. Furthermore, they tend to pull all existing and disgusting cards to justify their loss.

4. The EV Chaser – 7 Types Of Sportsbook Bettors

We spoke enough of losing bets today. Let’s talk about something brighter this time. We have the EV Chasers. They can get annoying, however, they usually create their little circle. These are the people who seek to make an active profit out of sportsbook betting. However, they do not put bets on fun props and interesting markets.

7 types of sportsbook bettors
Picture Source: Pxfuel

Instead, they are looking for the expected value bets. Because if you are pursuing bets that will generate you profit, you can be a professional bettor. According to Reddit, there is no set number of how much they play daily. However, the majority in this article speaks roughly around 5-7 bets each day. The EV chasers unite in the post to agree on EV chasing. 

3. Wall Street Broker

Now this guy is a real one. He is the exact opposite of the seventh placement. He gives you free money with his opinions. You will always have to find these awesome men. Most of the time they share their betting picks on Twitter or Youtube to monetize the knowledge. While he belongs among the typical punter types, this guy is an important part of the community.

If sportsbook betting was a Pokémon. Then the Wall Street Broker would be the final evolution of the EV Chaser. My top recommendation is to cherish the 7 types of sportsbook bettors. Because they even have their Reddit communities. And the Wall Street Broker Reddit community is awesome. 

2. The Influencer

The influencer is similar to the Wall Street Broker. Except he is something like a retired Wall Street Broker. Therefore, he is the veteran among the 7 types of sportsbook bettors. He spends his old days playing with typical online poker players.

7 types of sportsbook bettors
Picture Source: Pxfuel

And he is not going to give you a consistent schedule. Sometimes he is just going to bless the world with a random Tweet. But this Tweet is basically among the golden rules. Because following this guy is going to be worth it for you.

1. The ChatGPT Enjoyer – 7 Types Of Sportsbook Bettors

Finally, we have reached the next step in humankind’s destruction. The ChatGPT is good for literally everything. You can create images, websites, and program codes. Do you think they couldn’t find EV bets for you? You can just ask ChatGPT to collect the most relevant information about an athlete. This is still a new method.

However, we can see more and more bettors who seek to dedicate their decisions to the A.I. And if the A.I. lost? Well, you at least contribute a small step into the great steppes from the A.I.kind. If you want to play without fearing the Terminator. Then I recommend you to register at Bet Online Sportsbook.

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