7 Ways Online Gambling Is Better

comfort of online gambling

The internet is a hugely nicer place to gamble than in the real-world and here’s seven reasons why

1. Hygiene

I don’t care how many underpaid, overworked, staff the casino have you simply can’t convince me that a public place of that nature is as hygienic as my home. Just the points of contact interaction, the chips, dice, cards, are all tainted by their constantly being handled by the great unwashed, and who can say what germs were smeared on these trinkets of the real-world casino universe by those who came before you? Just what are you touching and where has it been?

These questions rarely arise at home with the number of people using your computer, even at work, immeasurably lower than the quantity of people who’ve fondled those craps dice before you, even blowing their germs over them “for luck”. The luck being that you don’t catch whatever they have and end up in hospital with some ghastly disease. When we’re gambling news of bird flu or Ebola epidemics don’t herald our doom as a species, how is it we allow these disease-spreading centers to remain open?

2. Security

Obviously security at a casino is pretty tight, everything you do, and thus everything everyone else does, closely monitored by banks of CCTV cameras and a massively suspicious staff. However all this security is designed to keep the casino’s money safe, not you, and indeed some people might find having levels of scrutiny that would make even George Orwell wince pointed their direction doesn’t make them feel, as individuals very secure at all.

Online Casino security

We all dream of winning big, perhaps recalling the old song about breaking the bank in Monte Carlo, but if you really did win that big at a Casino just what odds would you give yourself of reaching the car park alive? On the other hand win huge online and the money is already in your account, what are they going to do? Change your screen saver? Mess up your Spotify playlists? You’re always more secure sat at home than in a public place surrounded by people you’ve just won money off.

3. Comfort

You’re always most comfortable at home, that’s why you live there. It’s not just that you can wander around in your underwear, or less, without care, but that it is the place with which you are most familiar, an environment entirely evolved to suit you. This stands as a marked contrast to casinos that are designed to be entirely uncomfortable and distracting so as to reduce the amount of time you spend thinking whilst within them.

From the idiot jostling you at the craps table to the whiny nasal voice of the player next to you when you’re trying to count blackjack cards, casinos are full of people you wouldn’t choose to be around if you had the option. Once upon a time you didn’t, but now with internet betting in the US catching up with the rest of the world there is a more comfortable gambling option, and it is never more than a few clicks away from you.

4. Access

The internet is, of course, now more accessible than some parts of your own anatomy. With a growing number of devices incorporating it (the so-called ‘internet of things’) you’ll soon be able to partake of sports gambling at Bet365 from your fridge, should the inclination take you. Even without that techno-creep you’ve still got the net on your phone, your tablet and your computer. As far as accessibility goes, there is nothing simpler.

Online Casino accessibility

This compares to real-world casinos which are never quite as close as your desk or pocket, tending to be elsewhere to which you would have to travel should you want to take advantage of their facility. Online the facility travels with you wherever you go, in the manner and at the level of complexity you desire rather than being a set menu awaiting to fleece you in a large building some distance away to which you’ve had to travel and from which you’d have to return.

5. Economy

The savings by gambling online are manifest and evident. From the sheer fact that you don’t have to pay for travel and hotel rooms, expensive yet tacky restaurant food, take time away from work or family, and need not worry about childminders or dogsitters, the economy value of gambling from home online is massive. In essence all the expenditure just getting to and providing yourself with the opportunity to gamble at a real-world casino is just more loss for no potential gain.

Online Is Better
• Cleaner and safer
• More comfortable
• Costs you less

Why pay to gamble? Online you either win or you lose and, given you already have internet access, the opportunity to do so hasn’t cost you a penny. The costs involved in real-world casino gambling are simply ways in which you can reduce your bankroll before the first card has been flipped, the first dice rolled, the first spin of the wheel. It makes absolutely no sense especially if you’re a repeat visitor that goes back to play the same games at the same casino spending more money each time to do so.

6. Variability

US gambling laws seem to change with the seasons at present and with them casinos come and go with equal rapidity and yet still casinos don’t actually change very much. The games are the same, oh sure there is the odd new slot machine now and again, but the décor stays ghastly and they’ve no real need to spend massive amounts remodeling or changing their offering as their all but captive clientele have the choice to but like it or lump it.

Online the variety of games makes a real-world casino seem half-hearted and sites regularly update, improve, tweak and change their look, their games, their themes and the manner in which players can interact with the games and other players. The internet adapts and changes to suit demand, real-world casinos demand you adapt to their rules and their games, and if you don’t like it there are large men who’ll happily escort you from the building.

7. Footprint

Each casino has a footprint of usage that varies depending upon the fame of the casino or location, Las Vegas and Macau being bigger draws, for instance, than Connecticut or Atlantic City, and with that is an in-build inequality that gives some people not only more access to gambling, by dint of being geographically closer, but also, perhaps, better odds and facilities whilst doing so. The internet, on the other hand, offers the same to everyone regardless of where or who they are.

Online casino equality

Not only does the internet provide a equality of service to each and all, but it does it without some of the hugely negative impacts upon local communities that the planning, construction, and running of a real-world casino can cause. Not only do real-world casinos pollute the local economy, taint the political system and damage the crime stats of the locality, they make you pay for them to do it, by comparisons the internet gambling community leaves barely a trace of its passing.

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