7 Ways To Spot Your Local Casino Is Analyzing Social Media

7 Ways To Spot Your Local Casino Is Analyzing Social Media

With people justifiably angry at Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and Cambridge Analytica for hoovering up data faster than a cocaine fiend can chopped lines on a mirror and helping Vladimir Putin get Donald Trump elected, it has become clear that what was once private is now in the public domain and apt to be used by unscrupulous politicians and big business to manipulate us into giving them allegiance and our money, and your local casino is probably no different. Here’s how you can tell.

1. Uninvited Use Of Your First Name

This is a dead giveaway. If the usually polite and stand-offish staff at your local casino suddenly begin to call you by your first name, without you actually having told them what it is, you can be sure they’ve been monitoring your social media and have slipped into an overly familiar mode of address because they’re of the belief you will be willing to risk more in low key environment. The question then becomes just what else do they know about you and are they manipulating your usual gaming habits?

2. Inquiries Into The Health Of Your Family

Obviously if one is taking advantage of US gambling laws in your local casino one will be endeavoring to concentrate on the run of play and should staff put you off or distract you the chances increase you’ll make mistakes that will be costly for your bank roll. Thus if you are in the middle of an intense game and suddenly innocuous staff members are asking about your child’s cancer, great aunt Mertle’s latest hip operation or your ongoing (and distinctly messy) divorce proceedings be very wary.

3. Commentary On Your Holiday Photographs

Whilst it is always nice to receive genuine compliments on one’s apparel, even from the staff at your local casino, there is something distinctly creepy about the same staff lavishing praise on you for an outfit you were wearing whilst elsewhere. Comments on your choice of beachwear last summer or comparisons with the dress you wore to your prom should all instantly trigger some alarm bells, and this goes double for any comments about how your hair used to look or how much weight you’ve lost.

4. Your Local Casino Knows What You Like

Good customer service is, of course, reliant on the staff of your local casino getting to know the habits of their regular customers, however if you’re not a regular customer and merely popped in to place a bet on sports in the US or Europe and yet the staff know what you like to drink, how you like it served, and which foods are your personal favorites and then provide them unbidden, the chances are they’ve done far more research on you than you have on your choice of wagers and may well be manipulating you.

5. Knowledge Of Your Financial Standing

It is perfect pertinent for your local casino to know how many of their chips you own, however if they begin to show indications they’re aware of how much actual money you own there’s a very good chance they’ve probed your fiscal status far more than you might wish. Giveaway comments about your recent lottery win, fines for tax evasion or purchasing of a super yacht should immediately make you cautious about your surroundings, they’re obviously far more aware of your situation than a business need be.

6. Comments On Your Reviews

This can come as quite a shock but with all the available data on you rattling around inside the internet these days linking you yourself with the reviews you’ve written on places visited isn’t all that tricky and if you’ve had any cause to be critical of your local casino online they may well be aware of that fact and treat you accordingly. Should you find yourself being handed a drink or sandwich with a sarcastic back handed comment about it’s prompt delivery just be sure you didn’t once bemoan the speed of service.

7. Requests You “Like” or “Follow” Them

Of course if you’re in the US gambling news stories that Facebook etc are a manipulation tool created by DARPA to debase democracy once and for all on behalf of rich people, are just more “fake news” then the staff in your local casino pushing promotions that encourage use of these invasive spy-on-yourself-for-us systems won’t worry you, but for the rest of us if glamorous looking ladies in your local casino lobby start offering you free goods or services in exchange for likes and follows online, you know what’s going on.

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