888 Sports Illustrated Sportsbook – Coming to the States

  • 888 Holdings is one of the leading actors in the gambling business
  • Sports Illustrated has been around in 1954
  • The 888 Sports Illustrated sportsbook is a great hit on the market
888 Sports Illustrated Sportsbook

We have already heard about several magnificent collaborations in the gambling industry. But now it seems like there is a new one to watch out for, as 888 Holdings is creating a Sports Illustrated Sportsbook in the state of Colorado. But how will that look like? And will they only stay in Colorado? We give you all the answers!

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If you are someone who likes to place a bet or two from time to time, you probably know the following two facts. First, that 888 Holdings is one of the leading companies in the gambling business, owning several gambling brands and websites. Second, there is a good chance that you have seen some brands like 888 collaborating with other actors. Just think about sports teams and events! Why? Well, there are several reasons for that, from money through integrity issues, all the way to reach new customers. So, it cannot be that big of a surprise that 888 now decided to create a Sports Illustrated Sportsbook for everyone to enjoy! But how should we imagine such a product? What is the use? And what do we know about these companies after all? Let us get into it!

888 Sports Illustrated Sportsbook: 888 and SI

First, let us start by us telling you a little bit about these two companies, now working together. As mentioned above, 888 Holdings, or simply, as they often refer to it, is a public company owning gambling websites. For example, they give a nice addition to online sportsbook sites in the US. They founded the company in 1997 and it is based in Gibraltar. Today, you can find its sites all over the world. So you have several possibilities to place bets or to play a game of poker thanks to them. And as such, you can see why people are buzzed about 888 creating a Sports Illustrated sportsbook for the first time in history!

888 Sports Illustrated Sportsbook
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On the other hand, Sports Illustrated is also a famous brand. According to Wikipedia, “SI is an American sports magazine owned by Authentic Brands Group and was first published in August 1954. It was the first magazine with a circulation of over one million to win the National Magazine Award for General Excellence twice. It is also known for its annual swimsuit issue, which has been published since 1964, and has spawned other complementary media works and products.” As you can probably see now, the collaboration that the two parties are forming here is a pretty great one! But what do we know about it so far? Keep on reading for the details!

888 Sports Illustrated Sportsbook reported the great news: 888 has announced the launch of a Sports Illustrated Sportsbook in the Centennial State. But what will the piece look like? Well, it will be entertaining, but also informative with incorporated betting info and insights! This way, SI can spread its content alongside the information provided by 888. Also, they made the piece especially for the market of the US. It contains information from popular sports leagues and tournaments. This means NFL, NBA, and NASCAR, just to mention a few.

Opinions On The Issue

Understandably, everyone is thrilled about this issue. For example, Yaniv Sherman, SVP, Head of US at 888, said: “By partnering with Sports Illustrated, we have created a strong platform that enables us to build our US position through Sports Illustrated’s extensive brand footprint. This provides an opportunity to cost-effectively acquire customers and build a profitable business over time.” He also added that they are looking forward to bring the SI Sportsbook to more states! So, online sportsbooks in the US will probably be full of the topic soon!

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