A Bet On The Labour Leadership More Fun Than Pokemon Go!


The race to lead the opposition Labour party in the UK got underway in earnest this week as Angela Eagle withdrew from the contest leading Owen Smith as the challenger to Jeremy Corbyn, but which of them will come out victorious and who should you back if you’re going to bet on the Labour leadership contest? And can you trust the pollsters?

Labour Leadership Contest

  • Jeremy Corbyn – 2/5
  • Owen Smith – 15/8
  • Angela Eagle – Withdrew

For those not swept up in the Pokemon Go! Insanity, that has thus far seen Auschwitz having to remind people that looking for imaginary creatures in a concentration camp is a little disrespectful, scenes of utter pandemonium in Central Park and the Bosnian government issuing a statement to the effect that people shouldn’t walk around in minefields looking intently at their mobile phones, British politics is currently replete with monsters of all varieties and now you can bet on the Labour leadership too.

Labour Party Conference

  • “Stand Up, Don’t Stand By!”
  • Venue – ACC Liverpool
  • Date – 25th to 28th September

Obviously a bet on the Labour leadership is not for the faint hearted. Anyone who lost their shirt on the EU Referendum vote that went so spectacularly against predictions is probably not going to want to lay money against either of the candidates. The pollsters were just so wrong, and the result just so wayward it’s hard to get a grip on just where British politics will lurch next, but whilst UK gambling laws precluding betting on human suffering (and leading this Labour Party will be a walk in a minefield) this might be a an interesting novelty wager.

Monsters, Minefields & Jeremy Corbyn. It Must Be British Politics

The opposition Labour Party have a problem. His name is Jeremy Corbyn who, it has to be said, hails from another era and spends much of his time being earnest, honest and thoroughly decent and looking like a substitute geography teacher the entire time he’s doing it. In a modern media age he appears woefully behind the times, and whilst he has all the grassroots support you could possibly want, the parliamentary party wants him gone and you can bet on the Labour leadership contest to be war between these two segments of the party throwing up more chaos than Pokemon Go! ever has.

Owen Smith

Does Owen Smith have a chance? (Photo: Guardian)

Indeed anyone in the UK gambling news of a Labour Party split is unthinkable should reassess their criteria, stranger things have happened, they’ve happened recently and they’ve happened in British politics, to ignore the possibility is just silly. Angela Eagle may have kicked the race off but she soon stepped aside for the more favored Owen Smith whose youthful energy might just make him the one to back if you’re going to bet on the Labour leadership contest.

Bet On The Labour Leadership Race At Bet365

I will want to work side by side with Angela throughout this contest.” Said Smith after Eagle graciously stepped aside, “I want Angela to be at my right hand throughout this.” Which is nice.
As a joint ticket, or as near to one as British politics allows, the pair have a good chance of unseating Jeremy Corbyn, or at least you’d think so. With a 25 GBP price tag on joining up to vote and Corbyn having a vast reserve of support tucked away behind the one-time loony-left this might not be time to bet on the Labour leadership contest getting away from him.

have Corbyn out in front on 2/5, and Smith back on 15/8 but remember those figures mean little right now as the campaign is barely out of the starting gate. We’ll not know the result till September after the party conference, so you can bet on the Labour leadership contest producing all the distraction of self-destruction the Conservative Party, now under the kitten heels of Theresa May, could ever possibly wish for. You can bet on sports in the UK when the Premier League starts up again, and probably wager on Pokemon Go! By now, but if you’re apt for something less predictable, try British politics.

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