A Complete Guide To The Best Darts Betting Strategies


Posted: January 2, 2024

Updated: January 2, 2024

Much like man-to-man combat of yesteryear, darts offers the same excitement, with many tournaments and matches going to the final throw. This makes for a brilliant betting expereince, in particular if you choose a betting market other than the regular winner/loser combo.

Professional tournaments in darts encompass three primary categories. Firstly, the televised big events, like the World Championship, World Matchplay, and the UK Open, take the spotlight. Beyond these majors, the Pro Tour tournaments, conducted on multiple boards, constitute the sport’s foundational events, keeping players engaged between major competitions and influencing rankings. The third category is the unique Premier League, a format structured as a league culminating in a final showdown at London’s O2 Arena.

Placing wagers on the best darts players at these events offers various avenues, with outright betting being the most straightforward approach. Let’s have a closer look at the different darts betting markets open to gamblers. take note, that if you’re going to be placing wagers on darts matches, one of the top darts betting online sportsbook sites in the UK is Bovada Sportsbook, as they have a massive number of markets available. 

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Outright Darts Betting

This form essentially involves predicting the winner (and possibly the runner-up for each-way bets) for any given event. Most tournaments follow a fixed-draw format, allowing analysis of each player’s potential path to the title and their odds of winning. This setup often presents darts betting opportunities to seek out underdog winners, with some lower-ranked players starting tournaments at odds of 66-1, 100-1, 200-1, 500-1, or even higher. Naturally, higher-ranked players tend to win more frequently, usually reflected in the betting odds.

Seeding significantly influences tournament outcomes, as top-seeded players are placed in separate halves of the draw from the second seed and so forth. This aspect can make each-way bets appealing; even if your player reaches the final without winning, you still receive a payout.

Match Darts Betting

Match darts betting is straightforward: it involves choosing the victor in a two-player showdown. Unlike sports like football, draws aren’t common in darts betting, except during the league phase of the Premier League, which often works in favour of bettors.

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The darts betting circuit is intensely competitive, leading to both closely contested matches that intrigue bettors and instances where favourites face unexpected challenges.

Other Wagering Options

When a match appears heavily one-sided, particularly in the initial stages of tournaments, numerous alternative betting markets open up. These darts betting markets include predicting who will hit the most 180s, the total number of maximum scores both players will achieve, which player will achieve the highest checkout, and the specific value of that final dart. Bookmakers like Bovada Sportsbook will often provide the option of a tie in many of these markets, which can be significant if both players achieve an equal number of maximum scores in a match.

Another avenue for engagement is through spread betting, where the lower-rated player receives a head start, forcing their more highly rated opponent to relinquish legs or sets. Spread betting offers an intriguing approach because the bookmaker sets the starting advantage for each player, leaving bettors to choose which side of the line to support. Now let’s explore our Gamingzion.com top five tips for darts betting.

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Top 5 Tips For Darts Betting

According to online gambling news in the UK, the era of darts solely played in British pubs and clubs has passed. The sport has surged in television viewership and witnessed a substantial increase in prize money, propelling its popularity worldwide. With its evolving image and ever-improving standards, darts has swiftly become one of the most beloved sports globally. For many sports enthusiasts, the World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace holds a pivotal place during Christmas, and the darts betting activity continues to escalate in line with the sport’s growth. As numerous high-profile tournaments are now staged across the globe throughout the year, here are five crucial considerations before investing your money.

Stay Updated On All Events

There’s an unprecedented number of competitions, with the PDC hosting tours across Europe, featuring recent tournaments in countries like Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Austria. When players find their form, they often sustain it, and a narrow miss in one week frequently leads to success the next. Backing in-form players can prove profitable.

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Additionally, some of these minor events showcase relatively unknown talents, catching bookmakers off-guard, offering opportunities to profit by quickly assessing these newcomers.

Floor Players Don’t Consistently Perform On The Big Stage

While the PDC Players Championship events hold significant weight in the darting betting calendar, success in these floor events doesn’t always translate to televised competitions on the prominent stage. A prime illustration of this scenario is reflected in the results of Michael Smith. Despite clinching victory at Players Championship event 27 in Barnsley just over two weeks ago, his triumphs don’t align with the level of talent he possesses.

Smith, known as ‘Bully Boy,’ is yet to secure a major title, despite being undeniably one of the most naturally gifted players on the PDC Tour. Notably, the familiar faces tend to dominate when the cameras are rolling and a fervent crowd fills the venue. Some players simply handle the pressure of these situations better than others.

The Home Crowd Advantage

The recent World Series of Darts Finals in Amsterdam showcased the pivotal role of having the crowd’s support in determining match outcomes. During the preliminary round, six Dutch players participated, and an impressive four among them secured their spots in the second round. Notably, Vincent van der Voort conquered Nathan Aspinall, and Niels Zonneveld outplayed Dave Chisnall. The energetic support of a home crowd undeniably played a significant role. This phenomenon was also evident in the 2020 World Championship when Fallon Sherrock surprised both Ted Evetts and Mensur Suljovic to advance to the third round.

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Shorter Game Formats Can Lead To Unexpected Results

Whether it’s leg play, set play, or the double-in, double-out format, darts betting offers a diverse range of setups, each with its potential for surprises. Shorter formats, in particular, tend to produce more unforeseen results. In contests with briefer formats, such as a best-of-11 leg competition, there’s significant value in considering underdogs. However, as tournaments progress, especially in the later stages of events like the World Championships with set play, the superior class of players typically shines through.

Explore More Diverse Darts Betting Markets

While predicting the outright winner can be exciting, it’s not the only option available to punters. An array of side markets exists, presenting opportunities for bettors to capitalise. A popular choice involves wagering on a player to hit the most 180s—a market where prolific scorers might not always receive the recognition they deserve. For instance, although Van Gerwen is among the world’s top players, his tendency to switch to 19s means he’s not a frequent maximum scorer. Nonetheless, he remains a strong contender in this market irrespective of his opponent. Remember, a player doesn’t need to win the game to tally the most 180s, offering potential value in supporting a high-scoring underdog.

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