A Gambler’s Odyssey: Biloxi

Biloxi Mississippi Gulf of Mexico beach

Try something different from Las Vegas and roll the dice in Biloxi, this seaport town with an American flare.

With a population of only 44,054 according to the 2010 U.S. Census, this really is a small city in the state of Mississippi. All the better! This way, you can really get to know the town and spend quality time with doing things you desire, like gambling and partying; no need to sit in traffic jams for hours. Although this is a more quiet town, there is no way you won’t have fun. Maybe place this destination in your Odyssey towards the end so you have some time to unwind before going back to real life.

Where to stay?

Missisipi casino holiday

Modern luxury combined with Southern hospitality

We get it, visiting so many cities and partying as hard as you did makes a person exhausted. So why don’t you lay back for a while and do some mobile betting while you’re at Biloxi’s finest hotels? The Beau Rivage Hotel was among the top 50 five star hotels in the world, so quality is guaranteed. It has a tropical pool and many fine dining establishments on-site. If you love the famous Hard Rock franchise, then their Hotel and Casino will suit your needs perfectly. IP Casino Resort and Spa also gives you multiple choices in what to do and if you decide that you need a little pampering, this hotel will blow your mind.

Where to eat?

Mississippi restaurant

Steak or seafood, Thirty-two has you covered

If by now, you’re a bit bored by internet casinos, you should go out and eat a bite to recharge your batteries before you dive into the endless casino-opportunities this town will provide you with. Fine dining opportunities are available in the hotels you’ll be staying at, too. For instance, thirty-two, an elegant, AAA Diamond-rated restaurant is located high up in IP Hotel. Have a craving for something local? Great! You’ll absolutely adore Half Shell Oyster House and Shaggy’s Beach Bar and Grill with their typical Southern cuisine featuring shrimps as the star of the show.

Where to gamble?

Mississippi gambling

The modern casino complex sees to all your needs

Put mobile casino gambling aside for a day or two and check out what Biloxi has to offer in terms of casinos. If you want to stay in your hotel, IP Casino Resort and Hard Rock are perfect choices, because they have massive casinos equipped with more than 1,500 slots each. Want to walk around the city for a while? Try out some other casinos, like Harrah’s, Golden Nugget or Treasure Bay that is basically a colossal boat. Each casino is doing their best to get new visitors to come, so expect to choose from many promotions and reward programs.

Fun and games

Fishing holiday Gulf of Mexico

Off you go to catch dinner

There are numerous things to do in Biloxi, so don’t think for a second that you’ll be bored. When you’re done with gambling and crave something adventurous out in the wild, hop on a boat and go on a Shrimping Trip. Maybe you’ll get lucky and see some dolphins, too! Talking about shrimps, you could also check out the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum because the exhibits are intriguing and will provide you with real insight to the workings of a Southern town. The small lighthouse is also a sightseeing point you should check out, because it is a cardinal part of Biloxi history.

Most people save the best for last, so here it is. A gentleman’s entertainment. I’m not talking about US poker rooms right now, but something more… nude? The Biloxi Bar and Gentlemen’s Club will provide you with all the strip-amusement you’ll ever need. An interesting feature, the club type is listed under “Lingerie Modeling.” That ought to peak your imagination and curiosity. The girls dance around in bikinis awhile you sip on a refreshing beer. Want to dance? Join the crowd at Club Veaux and Level Nightclub for amazing music and a place where you can really let loose. You can also stay at the hotel, because Hard Rock will provide you with top-notch nighttime entertainment, too.

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