A Guide On Handball Betting – How To Bet On Handball Online?


Posted: January 24, 2024

Updated: January 24, 2024

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Welcome, this is a guide on handball betting! Join us if you are interested in the world of betting on various sports! We are here to introduce you to the very basics of both the sport and sports betting. Mixing the two together, you will have a great starting point where you can begin to make your first bet, as long as you are confident in the odds you are stalking on.

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Today we are going to provide you with a guide on handball betting. Today you are going to learn the very foundations on handball. Including some of the most crucial points in the game. Keep in mind that we are dedicating this for beginners in both handball and sports betting. Even if you are an expert in one, you may learn new skills in the other.

Both of these things are their own topics in which a person can immerse themselves and learn newer and newer strategies to sharpen their knowledge. We recommend you to start by using our country selector. By navigating to the online sportsbook sites in Germany, you can switch your location to your own. That way, you will see a list of legal, trustworthy and high quality betting sites offering betting markets on handball.

Introduction To A Guide On Handball Betting

Let’s start out with the most basic information. Generally, handball is a sport which has mainly two leagues. This is based on male and female league. To be able to wager, first you have to understand which one you can understand the most. Both of the leagues share similarities, but generally speaking, the points and length will change.

According to EHFTV, you can watch live matches. This is where you can either follow the matches you wagered on, or you may review past matches from the teams you are about to bet on. The key thing in betting on handball is that in some shape or form, you at least have to understand the team you are betting on. Thus, we recommend you to register at BC.Game Sportsbook.

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What Is Handball?

A guide on handball betting should begin with an introduction to the sport! According to the The SU University of Bath, the following rules apply to handball as a sport game:

  • Played globally by over 19 million people in 180 countries.
  • Combines speed, strength, stamina, agility, technical precision, skill, and teamwork.
  • Objective: Throw the ball into the opponent’s goal.
  • Defenders can use their bodies to block attackers.
  • Two teams with 6 court players and 1 goalkeeper each.
  • Substitutions allowed at any time.
  • Each goal scores 1 point; games often exceed 20 points per team.
  • Played on a 40m x 20m court with 2m high and 3m wide nets.
  • Two 30-minute periods with a 10/15 minute break.
  • Players alternate between attacking and defending positions.
  • Ball movement involves passing and dribbling.
  • No double-dribbling; players can hold the ball for a max of 3 seconds.

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A Guide On Handball Betting

According to Reddit, handball is one of the most underrated sports, which means that the betting market is always going to be predictable. The key reasons why handball is losing relevance is due to the fact that the same countries are hosting the events over and over again. It may expand to countries such as Egypt, but that’s pretty much it. In conclusion, the point here is that we can have a consecutive experience with the teams. Sure, some teams might shine whilst others fall.

But in essence, the top leagues will remain the same, and they may only begin to fall if some players retire from the sport. Thus, we can clearly see that data is extremely efficient here. Some sports where they are purchasing and trading players all the time are not as predictable as these games. The game is also dominated by Europe.

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The Best Regions To Win Bets

In a guide on handball betting, we have some of the key strengths to consider, and these are the countries. Sure, within the countries there might be newer and newer teams defeating each other each year to determine who is the best. This is why it is essentially a relevant sport.

While in America the local team recruits newer and newer players, here we do things a little differently. Instead, we compete against each other, and replace each other’s representative team each year based on performance. You can even take a look at the top 4 European handball betting sites, as they tend to favor one region with odds. The following regions are the best in handball when it comes to international play:

  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Hungary

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Reading The Odds – A Guide On Handball Betting

Now that we understand which teams are usually winning, let’s get behind understanding the odds. There are three types of odds available. You can pick the one fitting for you the most. Only read the best secret handball betting tips, once you understand how the odds work. You want no surprises.

  • Fractional: Total payout = Stake / Numerator or denominator + Stake. – Example: 5/1
  • Decimal: Total Payout = stake * decimal odd – Example: 4.00
  • American/Money Line: Staking $100 to win the positive odds plus the $100 back. OR Staking the negative odds to win $100 plus your stake back. – Example: +760

In our experience, decimals and fractions are much better for Europeans. However, if you have the big money available to bet $100 or even $700 carelessly, then you can always try to look for the American format. Generally, the American format is fixed and high-stakes, while fractional and decimal is flexible.

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Where To Bet On Handball?

Now that you know everything, we have one more thing left in a guide on handball betting. These are the best betting sites. Obviously, handball is among the top 7 easiest sports to bet on. But if it is still not your jam, you will be able to discover many different sports, esports, series, movies, political topics and generally things you can bet on! From celebrities to literally simulated reality sport games, you will find whatever suits you.

However, there is one website we can highly recommend for everyone. This is nothing else but BC.Game Sportsbook. This is where you can find betting markets on handball in the highest varieties. Always up to date with the upcoming regional and international events. They have a chat function, and many promotions to claim before your bet!

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