A Sports Cheating Scandal At The Olympics? What? Another One?

boxing controlled by mafia

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games didn’t need any more issues to face up to before the opening ceremonies and the accusations that the world of Boxing isn’t always entirely honest are another embarrassing cross for the hosts to bear, but is this a sports cheating scandal or just smoke without fire?

Sports Cheating Scandal In Rio

  • Boxing referees accused
  • No investigation
  • AIBA deny problem exists

You have to hand it to the 2016 Rio Olympics, it’s the games that just keep on giving. With yet another sports cheating scandal breaking just days before the lavish spectacle is due to get underway despite being beset with a whole host of other problems and issues. Most Olympics have their fair share of tribulation to overcome (remember Beijing and London?) but Brazil has outdone most other nations in this respect with an entire spectrum of impending disaster to scale before the opening ceremonies on Friday night.

Boxing In Rio 2016

  • 10 Mens weight classes
  • 3 Womens weight classes
  • Venue Ricoentro Pavilion 6

    Are the Russians coming or not? Will everyone get Zika? Can anyone survive in that water? Which team will get mugged the most in the streets of Rio? Will the terrorists strike? Will the government collapse? Will the police go on strike? There’s so much jeopardy it’s like a badly produced reality show that’s trying just a bit too hard and now everyone wants to know if there’s a sports cheating scandal in the Olympic boxing as accusations fly, and those who like to bet on sports in Brazil at Bet365 get suspicious.

    Boxing Sports Cheating Scandal Hits 2016 Rio Olympic Games

    Allegations that a “cabal” of dodgy officials have been rigging matches by manipulating draws and fixing bout scores prior to their being fought surfaced from a range of sources inside amateur boxing and it has been clearly expressed that the farce of Park Si-hun beating Roy Jones Jr in 1988 in Seoul may well be repeated, if not so brazenly by a selection of judges at the 2016 Rio Olympics continuing their sports cheating scandal behind the scenes. It wouldn’t be the first time the accusation was made.

    boxing and the mob

    Boxing and the mob, 1988 Olympics edition

    In the past even the senior figures within the AIBA, International Boxing Association, notably the former vice-president Rudel Obreja have complained of manipulation of bouts, particularly at the games in Beijing back in 2008, his exit of the governing body a direct result of whistleblowing, he claims, although the AIBA has strenuously denied there is any wrong-doing in the sport, but if you’re in Brazil gambling laws & rules ought to keep things honest this sports cheating scandal may dissuade you and make you want to choose other sports to bet on at Bet365.

    Fixed Bouts? Shadowy Officials? Must Be Boxing.

    Particular judges are chosen for particular bouts, and having been told how to score it the results are predictable enough, and those within the sport that know about it are afraid to speak out about this sports cheating scandal due to possible reprisals against their nation’s boxers or worse, their just being sidelined. Not that the AIBA is ready to admit there’s a problem, “We reiterate,” it said testily, “that unless tangible proof is put forwards, not just rumours, we cannot further comment on these allegations.”

    Given how whistleblowers in sports are treated, no one is hurrying to take them up on that offer and they know it. It would appear that boxing still has a long way to go to clean up its act and with revelations about fiscal impropriety by the office of President Wu, accusations that nations which host (pay for) qualification tournaments get suspiciously high qualification rates at them, and now the whole sports cheating scandal breaking at the Olympics, any Brazilian gambling news of a fair fight in Rio may well be wishing on a star when wagering at Bet365.

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