AbZorba Games Bought by Greentube to Provide Better Services


Posted: March 12, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

Greentube has acquired AbZorba Games in order to offer a wider range of gaming content for their customers, combining the expertise of both parties.

Novomatic Group’s subsidiary company, Greentube, has completed the acquisition of mobile casino gambling provider company AbZorba Games. The aim of the buyout is that the two firms will work together for delivering better services to the customers. The most well-known development created by AbZorba is titled “Cards&Casino”.

The mobile multiplayer casino game creator firm makes their products available on iOS and Android devices as well. Their most popular games are Hot2Slot, Live Poker, Live Roulette and Live Blackjack21. Andrew Hughes, AbZorba Games’ co-founder and CEO, has said that he was absolutely thrilled about becoming part of the famous Novomatic Group.

Greentube CEO is optimistic about the new deal

EU gambling news report what Thomas Graf, Greentube’s CEO, has said about the Austrian company. “Greentube is the European front runner in the area of pay-to-play online gaming entertainment. We have a proven track record of successful acquisitions and integrations of internet gaming technology start-ups on a global scale.“

The chief executive officer continued, “Due to the access to new markets and resources throughout the entire corporation, we are able to create new business opportunities together with the founders of those ‘Innovation Hubs’ and by doing so, accelerate sustainable growth for the entire Greentube Group.”

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