Albania vs Andorra Betting Tips on Euro 2020 Underdogs


Posted: October 30, 2019

Updated: October 30, 2019

  • Albania are clear favourites
  • Andorra are far behind in the standings
  • Both teams have little chances to qualify for Euro 2020
Albania are the clear favourites. Image source: Steindy (talk) 18:10, 27 March 2016 (UTC) [CC BY-SA 3.0] / Wikimedia Commons

The next Euro 2020 qualifier matchday is coming after a small break. On November 14, seven pairs of rivals will continue competing for the right to qualify for the finals. Among others, Albania vs Andorra betting tips shows that the match between two outsiders can also be worth watching.

According to the Group H standings, neither Albania nor Andorra has chances to pass the Qualifying round this year. The Balcan country occupies the 4th place with 12 points and can hardly reach the group leaders: Iceland with its 15 points and Turkey & France (both have 19 pt). Its rival’s situation in Group H is even worse as it goes fifth with 6 points. However, online sportsbooks in Albania shows that the match is going to be interesting anyway.
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Albania vs Andorra betting tips: who to wager on?

As it was said, Albania’s situation in the standings is far better than its next rival’s one. This national team showed quite good results during the previous matchdays, having won 4 matches out of eight. If it were in Group B instead, Albania could easily qualify for the Knockout stage with its 15 points. Unfortunately, the competition in Group H is more tough, so the team can hardly dream about the next stage of Euro 2020. Yet, the advantage of Albanian footballers over Andorra’s team is obvious and odds of 1.09 at 1xBET Sportsbook confirm this fact.

AUT vs. ALB 2016-03-26 (004) (Kaçe) Albania vs Andorra Betting Tips
A lot depends on Freiburg’s Amir Abrashi.
The football team from Andorra can boast with neither successful performance during the Group stage nor with low odds on its victory over Albania. Its players won only one match and lost 7 of them. One of these defeats is Albania’s merit as it outplayed the Andorran on their home field with a 0:3 score. Therefore, betting odds on Andorra’s triumph this fall is 44.00.

Albania vs Andorra betting tips: bet on total score

Since the Balkan football team is the main favorite of the upcoming match, Albania vs Andorra betting tips figure out its most possible score. Following online gambling sites in Albania, the overdogs would shoot at least three goals and end the game with a 3:0 score. This variant is the most possible basing on sportsbooks with their 5.00 odds.

However, supporters of the Andorra football team also have plenty of betting options on their favorite. The most satisfying result of the match for them would be a 0:0 tie (10.50). Considering the fact that both teams aren’t likely to move further, they can play a draw. If you still would like to bet on Andorra, choose a 0:1 score with its 61.00 odds.

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