Floyd Mayweather Bankruptcy Predictions: One Man’s Misery, Another Man’s Fortune?


Posted: October 30, 2019

Updated: October 30, 2019

  • Floyd Mayweather rumored to go broke
  • Bookies offer a betting market on his financial status
He used to be so happy back then… Image source: Bryan Horowitz / Flickr

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather will have to look for another nickname if the recent bankruptcy rumors prove to be true. This time even the bookmakers have caught the buzz. What sparked the Floyd Mayweather bankruptcy predictions?

He is arguably the greatest boxer of all time with a spectacular 50-0 record. Floyd consistently ranks as the highest-paid athlete and his net worth estimates somewhere between $700 million and $1 billion. Yet he often faces bankruptcy rumors. At the point, even online sportsbook sites in the US question his financial status. Is Mayweather going down the path of Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield?

Floyd Mayweather bankruptcy predictions
Floyd Mayweather will file for bankruptcy before 31.12.2020       (Yes) 5.80
Floyd Mayweather will file for bankruptcy before 31.12.2020       (No) 1.10

Pacquiao rematch provoked Floyd Mayweather bankruptcy predictions

The 42-year-old American boxer can easily earn from $150 to $300 million a year when he is fighting. Making a handsome fortune, he decided to hang up his gloves in 2016. However, he returned to the ring two years later in a notorious match against Conor McGregor. That showdown boosted his net worth with another $300 million. Since then the Floyd has only engaged in one exhibition match.

Floys Mayweather Bankruptcy Predictions Boxing
Professional sportsmen rarely go bankrupt. Image source: ian mcwilliams [CC BY 2.0] / Wikipedia Commons
Recently the boxer made headlines in online sportsbook news in the US, declaring Manny Pacquiao rematch intentions. Considering their first encounter was the highest-grossing fight in history, the second one is bound to be impressively profitable. This is where the bankruptcy speculations start anew. Interestingly enough, Floyd refused to grant “Pac Man” a rematch on many occasions, including right after Conor McGregor bout. Now, when the Filipino boxer is on a top-level again, Mayweather decided to give him a shot. This raised suspicions and 1xBET Sportsbook tipsters launched a market addressing the bankruptcy rumors.

Can Mayweather go broke?

Floyd Mayweather Bankruptcy Predictions
This guy complains about money, seriously?

It’s an unfortunate thing to foresee someone’s financial plight. It’s even harder when the said person is a respected sports legend who has practically earned his millions in front of you. Sadly, that has happened on too many occasions, especially to boxers. Regardless of his fortune, Mayweather seems on the same path, hence the 5.80 odds rate. If nothing, his Instagram blog displays the extravagant lifestyle he leads and that only can be the main culprit. While the undefeated boxer boasts about making seven digits without moving a finger, his hands fly up throwing them away.

Floyd loves to show off stacks of cash online but has a hard time counting it. One could think with that much money he could at least spend some for education on finances. Along with displaying his money, he also has an impulse to spend it all. Not just spend but toss the bills around in strip clubs and on lavish parties. If not the barely dressed girls, then his multimillion-dollar car collection would make a huge dent in his finances. Besides the hefty amount paid for the vehicles, Mayweather covers insurance, gas, licenses, cleaning, and maintenance costs. Ten years from now, those will be outdated vehicles simply draining his pockets dry.

Money has a bad habit – they tend to be spent fast. With high demands and no source of income, the boxer will lose all his wealth in a matter of years. If you intend to take a chance on Floyd Mayweather bankruptcy predictions, check also our latest review about 1XBET Sportsbook.

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