Albany Court shoots down Tyre Lago Casino


Posted: July 13, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

The Southern Tier is in dire need of something to spur economic growth, but with only one sole casino proposal in New York, chances are slim.

The sparkle in poker winners’ eyes quickly went out; the final count for the New York State consolation’s reopened casino bidding amounted to one single proposal. No wonder gambling news writers are standing perplexed; everyone expected way more proposals. However, according to The New York Times, the impoverished region is not popular among developers; the tiny population and the fact that there are some other casinos in the region scares people off.

The only casino proposal in New York was handed in by Jeffrey Gural. As The New York Times reports, Gural was planning to spend USD 195 million on building and perfecting the casino. The New York Times stated that the casino was supposed to “include 1,000 slot machines, 50 blackjack and roulette tables, and a 161-room hotel with six restaurants at Tioga Downs, a racetrack in Nichols, N.Y.”

The Casino Proposal in New York That Isn’t The Only One To Bump Into Difficulties

There has been another proposal, that of Jeffrey C. Hyman, who changed his mind, because according to The New York Times, he stated that a previous casino plan of his has been shut down by the Department of Environmental Conservation. Unfortunately, it seems like those who love to bet on sports in the US and who’d love to see a new casino open in the Southern Tier, have to wait further.

Each additional casino would mean a huge boost for the region’s weak economic situation, but it seems like that casino proposals in New York that are directed at the Southern Tier are shot down. Three out of 16 proposals have been accepted
earlier: a resort in the vicinity of Monticello, one in Schenectady and one around Finger Lakes. Whether the Southern Tier is destined to get a casino or not is still highly questionable.

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