Sterling Transfer Saga is Finally Over (PART I)


Posted: July 13, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

Man City will pay GBP 49 million for the 21-year-old player.

The Raheem Sterling Transfer Saga has finally ended, as Liverpool accepted the third bid of Manchester City for the 20-year-old player. Therefore a fee up to a total of GBP 49 million will go to Merseyside, and the Jamaican-born attacker will head to the other way. Five years passed since the Sky Blues tried to acquire Sterling first. But now, after succeeding with that, we can finally concentrate on other important transfers from all around the world.

• Sterling Saga is over
• Liverpool or City have the better deal?
• Pool might buy from United

However the Liverpool and the Manchester City fans will not move on instantly. Both groups of supporters keep claiming that they side got the better deal. Anyone who bet on sports in the UK could have made some money on the Sterling transfer. It was long expected that the player will join City after last week’s news about the rift between the player and manager Brendan Rodgers.

QPR will get a 20% price cut of the Sterling transfer fee

However, Rodgers denied these news after having spoken to Sterling just before the deal was completed. The Liverpool manager said previously that Sterling was the best young player in Europe. Now with the deal in place, he became the most expensive footballer in history under the age of 21. City will reportedly spend GBP 45 million in the Sterling transfer. That could rise as high as GBP 49 million with add-ons.

20% of the Sterling transfer fee will go to the player’s youth club, Queens Park Rangers. QPR sold him to Liverpool for GBP 500,000 five years ago. As Sterling was one of England’s hottest prospects back then, QPR were keen to make a deal that would give them a cut from his next transfer, and the two clubs settled on 20%. This means that Liverpool will get roughly a maximum of GBP 40 million (future add-ons included) for their top asset. This doesn’t look that much already.

Who’s got the better deal with the Sterling transfer?

Raheem Sterling to Manchester City

Who will be most pleased with the deal, eventually? Other than QPR, that is.

From City’s point of view, they have bought arguably the hottest prospect around Europe for less than GBP 50 million. However, while Sterling might have the potential to become a world class player, he is still no more than a promising young player. He will need further development and guidance to fulfill those things. Maybe he had the right place for that at Liverpool, where he had a manager who worked in youth development before and who is able to bring the best out of young footballers.

However, he turned out to be either greedier or more ambitious than staying a Red. Still, nothing suggests that he won’t have the opportunity to continue his development at City. So, only time will tell that spending GBP 49 million on him did worth it or not. Liverpool were able to solve a not so small issue of theirs by letting a recently problematic player go for a considerable amount of money. They have already added six new players, including Roberto Firmino for GBP 29 million. He might be Sterling’s three years older version, according to many mobile betting players.

Liverpool to buy from Manchester United

Javier Fernandez Manchester United

Javier ”Chicarito” Fernandez might reopen a long-forgotten trade route between the ancient rivals

It was 51 years ago, when Liverpool bought a player from Manchester United for the last time. In 1964 Bill Shankly acquired the services of Phil Chisnall from Matt Busby. Since then the two clubs became firm rivals, and no player were transferred between them directly. However, it’s not the first time that Mexican international striker Javier Hernandez has been linked with a move to Anfield Road. So, some deal like that might happen again. Chicharito had a good loan spell at Real Madrid, and he was about to secure a permanent move to Sevilla. However Los Rojiblancos opted to loan Ciro Immobile from Borussia Dortmund instead. This might send the Mexican to Liverpool’s arms.

With Daniel Sturridge remains to be vulnerable to injuries, Liverpool will need to add striking force. New arrivals Danny Ings and Divock Origi are the only true goalscorers in the squad apart from Sturridge. And apart from the trio of Mario Balotelli, Rickie Lambert and Fabio Borini obviously, who are about to leave Liverpool, after failing to show their goal scoring potential for punters wagering at online sportsbooks in the UK last season.

In the second part GamingZion will continue the assessment of the transfer market with the transformation of Manchester United. At Old Trafford, Dutch manager Louis van Gaal is about to put together the best midfield in the Premier League, while he was also able to add quality to his backline as well.

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