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Posted: March 13, 2023

Updated: March 13, 2023

  • Did you know bingo in the Philippines has a really interesting history?
  • In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know!

Did you know bingo in the Philippines has a really interesting history? For us, bingo is just a regular game. We all love to play it sometimes for sure. It can be a nice thing to play as a senior or a kid or even just between other types of casino games. What’s more many people believe that bingos the best casino game. Sure it’s exciting, nice and you can play it with your friends so it can be a great bonding program too.

And don’t forget the fact that you can win a really nice amount of money if you are a successful player. In case you want to be a pro player we recommend you to read our article on the best bingo tips to master this gameHowever, right now we are here to tell you more about bingo in the Philippines. Are you ready? Keep on reading!

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Some Casino Games Have a Rich History

So right now we have some interesting stuff coming up. Usually, you can read about all kinds of sportsbook bets and casino tips on our page but now we have brought you something different. We all love casino games but did you know some games have a really rich history? There are many games that humans have played for hundreds of years and thus they have a really interesting history. It’s true for bingo in the Philippines. So let’s find out more about it! Also, don’t forget to visit Cyber Bingo in the meantime for the best games to play online!

Bingo in the Philippines: Is it a Big Thing?

The first thing you need to know about bingo in the Philippines is that it’s a really huge thing. Yeah for sure when it comes to online bingo sites in Romania you’ll see a lot of options for bingo and in every town you can find a bingo event going on. However, in the Philippines it’s been more popular it might be the most popular casino game there. People just love it and you can find it everywhere. 

bingo in the Philippines
Picture Source: Flickr

If you visit this country you’ll realize that even some restaurants give out stamps to customers. The fun thing about that is if you’ll have bingo then you will earn a free meal. Isn’t that just cool? So bingo is everywhere in the Philippines. It’s a game that everyone simply adores. 

An Avarega Bingo Player in the Philippines

So as we’ve mentioned before when you visit this country you just run into bungo everywhere. For some reason, every person there just loves this game. And how can we imagine people there playing bingo? Do they play every week or at every family gathering? How doe this work? Well, to give you a little bit of insight we’ll tell you that. 

So let’s imagine an average person. They play bingo nearly every day. Well not necessarily every day but for sure multiple times a week. Imagine this normal person plays bingo at least 2 or 3 times a week. And that’s just for normal people we haven’t talked about the hardcore fans yet. Back to the average person. they play it multiple times and they play the game usually at game halls at larger malls. So instead of playing at an online site like Cyber Bingo you just walk into a mall to play bing in the Philippines. Isn’t that great?

Bingo in the Philippines: The 1990s

By now you know how bingo in the Philippines works today. Although we haven’t talked much about its history yet. Actually what you need to know is that the first Christian missionaries brought this game to the country. And after that it got popular, however, it was in the 1990s that people started to go crazy about it. 

bingo in the Philippines
Picture Source: Flickr

Agents used terminals that produced 5 rows of 5 numbers on paper stock at random to sell game cards. People compared their cards to the results of the winning pattern at terminals, and in newspapers. Or live television shows where a machine that chose ping-pong-size balls numbered from 1 to 75. Back then there were like a million pesos as the winner’s price. 

The Bingo Feud in the Philippines in a Nutshell

What we know by now is that bingo is a very popular game in the Philippines. Nearly everyone plays it and it has been super popular since late 1990. However, there is an ugly side to that story too. And now we are about to tell you about it!

BW Resources was the business that owned Pilipino Bingo. Why is it interesting? Well, President Estrada was charged with benefitting from trading shares of BW Resources. Which rose 5,000% and fell almost as swiftly. Can you believe that? This sparked the biggest stock scandal in Philippine history and nearly led to the stock market’s shutdown. So that was a huge thing back then however people still love to play bingo games.


Hope you liked this article and were able to find out more about bingo in the Philippines. If you liked our piece then don’t forget to check out the other articles on our website. We have the most exciting articles published daily about all kinds of casino games and sportsbook bets. Also, we have the best tips for playing at online bingo sites in Romania so our articles can be really useful to master any kind of casino game!

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