All About Stanley Ho: A Quick Biography


Posted: May 2, 2023

Updated: May 2, 2023

  • Stanley Ho made Macau what it's today
  • In this article, we remember him and tell you all about the King of Gambling!

All About Stanley Ho? Yes, you have read it right! Godfather, and King of Casino are only two nicknames that this amazing man had. What he did and how he transformed gambling in casinos still have effects today. Stanley Ho wasn’t just a regular casino owner, he was the King of Casinos and the man who changed everything in Macau. 

Macau today is known as one of the largest gambling cities. We usually think about Ls Vega as the gambler’s ultimate paradise but in reality, Macau is even bigger and richer. What is crazy is that if it wasn’t for Stanley Ho Macau wouldn’t be today’s gambling paradise.

LAthough who is he exactly and how did he manage to do all this? How many casinos did he own and etc? Don’t worry you’ll find out about these and many more interesting things soon! Before we start don’t forget to visit National Casino for all the best games and also be sure to check out their promotion/bonuses section! Now let’s get started!

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All About Stanley Ho: Starting a Life in Macau

Life is never predictable and even though Stanley Ho intended to study in Hong Kong he had to change his plans. World War II started and with the Japanese invasion, he was literally forced to move to Macau. At that time he must have thought about it as one of the worst things to happen however if he never moved to Macau he wouldn’t have had his career path. 

All in all, he moved to Macau and his first job there was getting luxury items to China. As you can imagine that time it wasn’t the easiest job on earth. However things change and after a while, he decided to open a kerosene company so his business career actually started there. At that time he still mustn’t have been sure where life will take him.

When you think about casinos in general even opening some of the online casino sites in the US is an amazing thing but opening more than 10 land-based ones is just beyond words. Not to mention that Ho managed to do that back then when casinos and gambling weren’t as big a part of life as they are now. 

1961: When Everything Changed

When we try to tell you all about Stanley Ho one of the most important things is how he his casino-owning career. Not just because what he did was amazing but also because by looking at his life you can realize that maybe you can do it too.

He also started from scratch and as you can see first he had to smuggle luxury items. Although he set his mind on doing something better and greater and when he died he was one of the richest people in the World. 

Back to the story and biography: Ho’s life took a crazy turn in 1961. The war was long over and he was about to take a big step. Was it risky? Yes for sure. And did it worth it? 100% yes! In 1961 he and some of his partners (Henry Fok, Yip Hon, Teddy Yip) decided to be a part of a Macau franchise. And actually, they won a tender for the gambling monopoly license in Macau.

Part of the story is that until then all thing connected to casinos and gambling was in the hands of the Macau Fu family. They also applied but somehow loose against Ho and his partners. And with that Ho could start building his casino empire. 

Working Hard Until His Death

One thing that’s re and can’t be left out when it comes to all about Stanely Ho is the fact that he has always been a hard-working man. So, after they won the tender in 1961 he worked really hard to make his vision come true. Due to this, they founded Shun Tak Holdings, Ltd. and also Sociedade de Turismo e Diversoes de Macau, S.A.R.L. (STDM). The businessman swiftly expanded into a variety of industries, including hotels, banking, aviation, and entertainment. Ho is thought to have had a majority of the Macau economy at the height of his dominance.

Although some of his business associates were satisfied to play in Macau, Ho made an effort to expand his influence there. He made large investments in China, Portugal, East Timor, Mozambique, Indonesia, Vietnam, Portugal, what’s more also the Philippines over the course of several decades. He even succeeded in opening a casino in the hotel’s basement in North Korea. 

All About Stanley Ho: The King of Casino

All in all, reading our article you now know why was Stanley Ho called the King of Casino. When he died at age 98 he had 19 casinos. Just think about this number, 19 casinos is so much it’s even harder to imagine it. His success and life show that when it comes to business you need to take a chance now and then in life. 

If he never took a risk and made hard decisions he would have never become a successful businessman. Ho did change casino life in Macau forever and we owe him a big thanks for that. However, after his death in 2013, all his winnings went to different hands. We’ll tell you about it soon. ALthjogh first don’t forget to check out the best online casino sites in the US as not only in Macau but in the US too you can find amazing casino games!

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All About Stanley Ho: Complicated Family Situations

As we said Stanely Ho was very successful in business life. Thus he can easily be a role model for you in case you too want to follow his path. However, his personal life was a little bit complicated and not looked up. He had 4 wives in his life and 17 children. With all that said it’s logical that there were a lot of feuds going on which is a part of his life and part of our All About Stanley Ho article.

Although Chairman Mao was responsible for making polygamy illegal in China in 1950, it was fairly widespread in traditional Chinese society as a means of fathering male children. Although it’s unknown whether all of his wives have legally wed him, Stanley Ho has brought the archaic mindset into the present era.

Ho’s offspring range in age from elderly to still quite little. Some people avoid the spotlight, while others are active on social media frequently. The Ho family is a favorite of the Asian tabloids because of how many children and grandkids they have, which provides a multitude of newsworthy characters.

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