Alliance Optimistic to Win As Per 2020 Northern Territory Election Odds

  • Territory Alliance might break the two-party system
  • Labour will likely lose some seats in August
  • CLP hopes to jump in seats after the disastrous defeat in 2016

Northern Territorians in Australia will be heading to the polls on August 22. They will choose 25 members of the Legislative Assembly. The 2020 Northern Territory election odds are no longer about a two-horse race. Instead, a new political force Territory Alliance is hopeful to seize the majority government.

Northern Territory election race has been historically dominated by two major parties, incumbent Labour and Country Liberal Party. Yet, for the general election scheduled on August 22, 2020, a new political force Territory Alliance hopes to take over. According to online sportsbook news sites in Australia, every four years minor parties try to break the two-party system in the Territory. But, nobody was successful yet. Will that change in 2020? As the 2020 Northern Territory election odds suggest, the newly formed Territory Alliance might do the exact thing that all minor parties failed to do.

Alliance presents itself as the alternative

Territory Alliance was founded in 2019 by the opposition leader Terry Mills who was originally a member of the Country Liberal Party (CLP). Later on, two independents Jeff Collins and Robyn Lambely have joined the Alliance. The political group has surpassed CLP to become the second-largest party in the Legislative Assembly.

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Alliance presents itself as an ideology-free group of the center-left Labour and center-right CLP. It began campaigning on “law and order”, and “youth crime” platform. And, it hopes to address youth crime if it wins most seats so that by 2025 it becomes a small issue, not the biggest issue. For such bold ambition to be achieved, the Alliance needs to win the majority government. As 2020 Northern Territory Election odds show the value is 2.4 at 22BET Sportsbook. However, it will be massively challenged by the two traditional parties.

Labour expected to lose several seats in August

The incumbent center-left party led by Chief Minister Michael Gunner won the 2016 election in a major blow to CLP. It won 18 seats, one of the biggest wins in Territory history. However, the joy did not last long as in 2018 Gunner government was hit badly by a financial crisis accumulating around $3 billion debt. As a result, two of its members became independents, and the party dropped to 16 seats in the Legislative Assembly.

Most of the online sportsbooks in Australia consider the Labour Party still the favorite to retain most seats with 2.05 odds at 22BET Sportsbook. However, should that happen, it will certainly be with fewer seats of the 2016 victory. So, the big question is how many seats Labour will lose rather than gain. And, will these seats go to Alliance? It is highly possible, and if you wish to bet on that, check the review about 22BET Sportsbook.

CLP hopes to jump in seats after the disastrous defeat in 2016

Country Liberal Party is currently led by Lia Finocchiaro after Gary Higgins retired this January. It was a necessary step to make some structural changes for the upcoming election. CLP hopes to jump in seats after getting only two in 2016 when it suffered the worst defeat of a sitting government in the history of Australia. The rise in seats is very likely, especially that CLP has strong roots and long history in the Territory. But winning back the majority government with 3.5 odds is a tough task with a third force of the Alliance trying to steal seats from both CLP and Labour.

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