Horse Betting Games and Virtual Races with Real Money


Posted: April 14, 2020

Updated: April 14, 2020

  • Horse betting games are great way to learn how to wager
  • Virtual racing in online casinos are now just as realistic as the real ones
  • Don't wait for the real races to happen, try yourself in online virtual races

If you ever feel like you have what it takes to win by wagering in the horses, but just not ready to bet on the real races, the horse betting games are for you. With real betting odds and real-life like betting stages, it’s the best way to dip your toe in the world of wagering. The best thing about these games is that for most of them, there is no such thing as the history of the jockeys or horses. The outcome is based purely on the betting odds.

This makes it easy for you to get familiar with the general idea of the wagering without having to go through a whole history lesson. We understand that despite how fun it is, the horse-races can be intimidating. Now that the prize pool of the prestigious races has reached tens of millions, the horse-racing has become more like a science rather than just a race.

Don’t get us wrong, wagering in horse races can be fun too.  However, if you’re an absolute beginner who wants to just have some fun by betting, horse betting games would be a perfect choice.

Why do people choose horse betting games?

First of all, you should understand that it is like any other online game. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. It’s safe to include the horse betting games in the category of the strategy games.

Introduction to the betting- As we’ve mentioned before, most of the games with real money are based on the real betting odds. So if you’re a complete beginner when it comes to wagering, you can get the general idea. After all, it’s so much better than just reading a tutorial like “Horse betting for Dummies”.

horse betting games
It can be a winter sport too.

Practice- Practice makes perfect. That’s the phrase that seems to fit every situation and is also true for horse betting. The more you interact with the odds and see how the races turn out, the better you’ll get to predict the outcome. Horse betting games are the perfect tool for this without costing a fortune.

Availability- Sometimes there are just no good races going on when you feel like trying your luck. After all, the races are real-life events that require preparation and time so there are only so many that can be organized in a year. Horse betting games are available 24/7 without a distraction.

Convenience- Most of the horse betting games have a mobile version to it. You can either play them online on the site or download the application. This would allow you to practice from wherever you are. We don’t even have to mention that it’s a fun way to pass time- it’s a game, after all!

Con of horse betting games

Accuracy- Now we all know that this is not exactly the same as betting on the real race. The race outcomes do base on the betting odds but still are generated by automation. The form of the horse, how well the jockey suits the horse or if the horse is comfortable with the racing loop has nothing to do with the outcomes. However, these are usually the main factors that decide the outcome of the real races. So the horse betting games might give you a general idea but is never enough for the real races.

Virtual racing

Most of the online gambling sites in the US offer virtual racing games. They are the type of horse betting games that lean more to the side of gambling. The results are generated by RNGs or Random Number Generators. Just like betting on real races, you would choose from various bets basing on the odds. Then you can watch the whole race and cheer for your horse as you would do in the real race. Thanks to the technology and efforts of the online casinos in the US, the races are as realistic as possible. The 3D simulation, sound and visual of them make it hard to differ from the real races.

Or if you’re just interested in the result, you can always skip the part and check the outcome. Now that the games are developing more and more, the history of the jockeys and speed rate of the horses plays a role in the outcome too.

You can also choose your races based on your skill level. This decides on how many factors the outcome depends on. Either it can be only the betting odds, or you can challenge yourself by predicting the outcome when the jockeys and weather are included. This is just like playing fantasy games, only with real money.

Best online horse betting games

As we’ve mentioned lots of online casinos offer horse betting games. Out of all of them, we’ve chosen the top three sites that have the best virtual races. The list depends on the accuracy, convenience, and variety of games. Even though these are the top three, there is no necessary order among them.

Unibet casino

In Unibet casino, you wouldn’t even notice if you’re wagering on the real race or in the virtual one. The stimulation of the race is so realistic that you can almost smell the sweat of the horses. The stimulation is not the only realistic aspect too. The betting odds and the way it changes by the outcome is almost exactly same as the real races. Here the races are held by time and you can place your bet within two minutes of the race. However, the new one opens up every so often, so if you’ve missed one round, you don’t have to wait for long.

horse betting games
Soon-to-be horse racer.


The best thing about horse betting games in 888casino is that you can play it in your convenience. It certainly can be exciting to wait for the racing day and compete with the other wagers. However, sometimes your schedule will simply not allow that. In 888casino, you can bet at anytime you want, watch the race and see the outcome. Or you can skip the race altogether if that suits you. Apart from that, it’s just the same as the other great virtual races where you calculate your odds, place the bet and check the payout.


Betway might be the most convenient out of all the others. They offer multiple race days and the users can choose from the wide variety of the races. The races are sorted by the race day and usually two race days happen at the same time. One race day continues for an average of 45 minutes and cover 9 tracks. Since one track takes about three minutes to complete, you can bet on unlimited amount of races a day.

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