Amateur Gamblers Who Won Big On Sports


Posted: July 28, 2020

Updated: July 28, 2020

  • Those are the luckiest people who got richer
  • You have a chance to make it to this list through sports betting!

Gambling provides the opportunity for anyone to win a big payday check regardless of their background. We have placed a bet in hopes of winning a big check. More times than not, luck was not on our side, but the following list features the luckiest people in the world. Here are some amateur gamblers who won big on sports betting.

Amateur Gamblers Who Won Big: Dennis Graham

Dennis Graham is the father of famous Canadian rapper and singer Drake. Although Drake is one of the most successful artists in the world, his father is the first musician in the family. Graham started playing the drums in the 1960s. However, compared to his son Drake, he does not enjoy the same level of success and fame. Though luck was not on his side in his music career, Graham became famous for being one of the amateur gamblers who won big. In the 2019 NBA Championship, the Canadian placed a bet of 100,000 dollars on the Toronto Raptors to win the tournament. At that time, the Raptors were underdogs to the Golden State Warriors who were the defending champions. Betting odds for the Raptors to win were 3. As a result, Graham won a total of 300,000 dollars making him one of the biggest amateur winners.

The Bet that Changed Mick Gibbs’ Life

Being a simple roofer in Staffordshire, Mick Gibbs made the best decision of his life by betting on a 15-team soccer accumulator. The English roofer decided to bet 30 pence. The chances of him winning were 1.67 million to 1, yet he decided to bet anyways. Things started to get more real as all of his predictions were correct up until the final match. In the final, Gibbs bet on Bayern Munich to win against Valencia. The game went to penalty kicks which provided even more anticipation. Bayern emerged out victorious which guaranteed Gibbs a life-changing win of 500,000 pounds. The bet of 30 pence to 500,000 makes Gibbs one the luckiest amateur gamblers who won big. If you think you are as lucky as Gibbs, you can place a similar bet on online sportsbooks sites in the US. Go to 22Bet and wager on any tournament you want.

Amateur Gamblers Who Won Big
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When Being Greedy Pays Off: Sir Ride A Lot

The 2017 World Series was one of the most exciting tournaments as Houston Astros and the LA Dodgers played all seven games. Although this was a thrilling competition, a story of an amateur gambler who won big made headlines in news media outlets. Under the name “Sir Ride A Lot”, the anonymous sports gambler placed a huge amount of bet on the first five games of the match. The amateur gambler was correct in his predictions and won a total amount of 6 million dollars. The story does end here. Instead of pocketing his winnings to become a multimillionaire, Sir Ride A Lot decided to gamble one more time. He placed all of his 6 million winnings on the sixth game on the LA Dodgers. His streak of luck continued as his winning increased up to 14 million dollars. The amateur gambler then decided to not gamble on game 7.

50 Cent and His Love for the New York Giants

American rapper and actor Curtis James Jackson, also known as 50 Cent, is a passionate New York Giants fan. Therefore, when the team made it to the Super Bowl 46 finals, he decided to bet big on them. The New York Giants were the underdogs going into the match. As a result, 50 Cent was able to accumulate a total of 1 million dollars in winnings. This was not the first time the rapper made such a staggering amount of money from betting. In 2011, he also placed a bet on his team to beat San Francisco 49ers, and they did! He won a total of 500,000 dollars. With those two wins, 50 Cent made it to our list of amateur gamblers who won big.

Amateur Gamblers Who Won Big
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Gerry McIlroy is Certainly a Proud Father

Gerry McIlroy is the father of professional golfer Rory McIlroy. In his golfing career, Rory became one of the most successful players to ever play the sport. As Rory was paving his way for a successful career, he was relatively unknown at a young age. However, his father believed that Rory will become a great player. As a result, Gerry decided to place a bet on his son to become the British Open Champion within 10 years when Rory was just 15. With odds of 500, the father placed a 200-pound bet. When Roy won the tournament at 24, Gerry pocketed a total of 100,000 pounds in winning. He must be a proud father as an amateur gambler who won big because of his son.

Amateur Gamblers Who Won Big: Billy Walters

Unlike all other amateur gamblers who won big, Billy Walters has a different story. Walters became a professional sports gambler and bettor after leaving his career as a car salesman. The American entrepreneur traveled to Las Vegas to partner with a team that used computers to predict sports outcomes. “The Computer Team” consistently calculated advanced metrics that gave them a higher chance of winning than everyone else. Being one of the very few teams that used computers in betting, the team was able to always find a way to win. However, Walter’s biggest winning was at Super Bowl 44. He won a total of 3.5 million dollars after betting on the New Orleans Saints beating Indianapolis Colts.

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