Amatic integrates Comtrade`s G2S Protocol in Austria

Amatic Comtrade Gaming

AmaticIndutries announced the incorporation ofComtrade`s G2S protocol stack into their gaming machines in Austria.

Amatic ordered the requiredprotocolfromComtrade Gaming, provider of gaming technology solutions.The step was necessary since Austria gambling lawsrequire every machine to be connected to the Federal Computing Centre. The G2S protocol is necessary in order to establish this connection.

Ever since the Austrian government`s regulation came into effect, in July 2013, Amatic is only the second company to conform to it. From now on, all their devices meet the requirements of the Austrian legislationas theGaming Standards Association’s G2S protocol allows them to communicate with the central control system.

Amatic is optimistic about the new system

In their statement, Amatic confirmed the installation of the protocol and expressed their hopes to explore new markets.“Comtrade Gaming, with their expertise in the field of gaming systems management, helped us to connect our machines to the Federal Computing Centre.”

Comtrade Gaming has been helping gaming machine manufacturers adopt new GSA protocols for years and Amatic was one of our first clients,” said Oliver Lynch, Comtrade`s director of systems.

The head of Comtrade is happy with Amatic`successful launch and the modernization of mobile casino games in Austria. He confirmed that the company will carry on “to help other regulators and vendors to upgrade their environments.”

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