Amazing Applications For Cyclists From Android That Measure Effort With High Technology

Posted: May 11, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

Bring out the best in your cycling experience by using Android applications.

As great new Android smart phones become a must-have, for mobile betting, sports fans have at their disposal a wide range of cycling applications to choose from for their cycling needs. From hi-tech training tools to basic social applications and practical navigational resources see what’s new in the cycling world that help capture your time, distance, gradient and which may keep you from getting lost.

Most are free, with a premium plan where fees hike up, but may be worth the dough. Otherwise equipped with Bluetooth and power meters, cycling can take on a whole new dimension if you dare to delve into the world of technology and get yourself an android application for your bike.

Ride with GPS – a mini mobile computer

Cycling with GPS is pretty cool especially if you tend to want to go farther or try out new trails. The application outlines a set of data about the cycling trips. The GPS tracks your routing, displays calories burnt, distance and time traveled. A graph also culminates the rides. While the smart phone itself can
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Ride with GPS can access a wide array of Bluetooth devices including heart rate monitors and cadence calculators. So if you’re really into cycling you may want to check out the speed every time you hit the pedal with cadence calculator. It is just a small neat application that aids in calculating your tempo.

Map My Ride – GPS Cycling

Map My Ride

Map My Ride is just like a Cycle Meter. It is an Android application use for recording all sorts of biking data such as distance, speed, and length of time spent. Others are riddled with route mapping software. Although the application’s best feature is the tracking, the cyclist’s nutrition and weight can also be monitored.

The application also works with any Bluetooth Smart sensor and ANT+ sensors with a plug-in. It provides a complete option of popular routes. The premium plans come with training programs, advanced routing options and live tracking that is accessible to loved ones. Of course like most premium plans, it comes without the ads. It’ll also track and record a wide range of other workouts and has an awesome material design style interface.

Strava – a sociable component

Strava is one of the best Android applications currently on the market. It tracks your cycling data and records routes you take with GPS. It also proposes routes in and around your local area or even suggests new trails. But be careful. It’s just a device. Common sense should go with wanting to try out new trails on your own. There’s also an Android Wear support that you can wear like a watch. You can also record times on Strava segments, while cycling. Results can be uploaded, which automatically ranks your times over popular pieces of road and trail taken.

The premium edition offers post-ride and long-term analysis too. To top off the great features on this Android application, you may want to try out its social component. Follow your friends and see where and how hard they’re riding, leave comments, praises and Instagram photos that automatically links with your own rides. Some cyclists use a Garmin to record and upload their bike outings then they use Strava to have a look at what trails friends are trying out.

Endomondo – great audio feedback at regular intervals

Endomondo is quite an excellent applictaion even for amateurs like myself. Use it to track your rides, or most any other sports, including nordic walking and even biking on your stationary bike. With its awesome audio feedback it tells you how many kilometers you’ve covered and it even lets you know when you’ve taken a break and when you’ve resumed, without you having to stop to check your phone. So it’s quite motivating really.

Attach heart rate monitors and enter activities such as weight-lifting manually. There are loads of social interaction going on as Endomondo has followers like Facebook has fans and like Europe has EU gambling laws to abide by. Set your own personal goals and sometimes you can be invited to join monthly workout challenges. Lately, Endomondo has even been revamped with a fresh, modern material design style interface. The basic app is free, but you can go premium too.

Runtastic Road Bike Tracker

This is like a cycling app ‘for dummies’ – so easy with tracks and pulls, with a wide range of data offered about your rides, and it’s all done up in a cool material design style user interface. You can use it with the GPS to monitor your distance, duration, calories burned, elevation, speed, etc. You can also use it to search for loads s of existing bike routes or track and map your own as you cycle. Everything is recorded, thanks to the built-in Google Maps platform, with colored traces that shows the trail you took.

Openrider – GPS Cycling Riding

This is an amazing application to get the best from a map as you a ride with the GPS tracking your route. It comes with a speedometer that records speed. It tracks and logs the distance and duration as well as lets you how many calories you’ve burned. Once rides are finished you can have a look at the statistics under the history icon. Like most other Android applications for sports you can share your progress via Facebook and Twitter.

Go with Google

Google Fit is a compact fitness application that stores your sports data. It supports many fitness related applications. You can use specific applications to track your data like calories, steps, ride distance and more, and then have it all fed into Google Fit to keep it in one place for easy viewing. My Tracks is another fitness tracker application from Google.

It is especially made for cyclists, joggers and avid walkers. It pairs up with the GPS to map the routes of bikers and you can see the live data while recording your favorite sport. Apart from tracking and recording your route, it’ll also monitor your distance, speed, and elevation, all of which can be shared on social networks.

Gotta love that GPS Cycling Ride Bike app

This Android application is another one that amateurs will love. Complete with an elegant design and with a material design style UI, the snazzy little cycling data tracker tracks your cycling sessions. Learn your speed, time, and distance in a jiffy. The basic useful features make it worth trying for cycling.

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