American Online Gambling Legalization Update

One step forward, two steps not taken.

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State level American gambling laws have been changing significantly over the past couple of months, and the process is far from being complete. As legislative sessions come to a close across the states, several initiatives have met their – good or bad – fate.

Louisiana Players who would like to register at legal American poker rooms may see some flickering light at the end of the tunnel, considering the bill that has passed from the House to the Senate.

House Concurrent Resolution No. 3, as it is called, was submitted by Mike Huval (R) in March. The proposal calls for “a study of the feasibility and practicality of authorizing Internet gaming” in Louisiana.

Players shouldn’t get their credit cards out just yet. This is still all about evaluation and consultation. Considering that the resolution mandates to “report the findings of the joint committee to the legislature prior to the convening of the 2014 Regular Session of the Legislature of Louisiana”, many credit cards will expire before actual legalization is enacted.

It is nevertheless an encouraging sign that the House approved the measure 62 to 22. Speaking about the prospects of online gambling, Congressman Huval said that “it’s not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of when it’s going to happen. I’m not promoting gambling. I want to provide a way to make it safer for our residents.”

In other, less encouraging American gambling news, the Illinois tug-of-war surrounding online gambling legislation turned into musical chairs, with this particular proposal left without a seat.

Dropped from a previous gambling bill earlier this year to avoid dragging it down, the proposal was resurrected as a separate bill. Its proponents hoped to gather sufficient support for it before the end of the legislative session.

That did not work out, as most lawmakers had their sights set on more troubling issues, so the proposal ended up not being submitted. Maybe next time.

Finally, online gambling prospects became bleaker than before in Massachusetts, as a proposed 2014 budget amendment by local Senate Republicans failed to reach the floor due to constitutionality concerns. As Republicans constitute only 10% of the Bay State’s 40 senators, this outcome is not entirely surprising.

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