Americans Prefer Legal Marijuana to Online Gambling

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Despite the advance of online casinos in America, most Americans think that they should be legal.

A recent poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University found that 50 percent of Americans think that marijuana should be legalized for recreational use, while only 27 percent favor online gambling legalization.

American gambling laws now allow states to regulate their own online gambling markets, although it is illegal on the federal level. Currently only New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada have legalized online casinos, with ten other states mulling similar legislation.

Marijuana laws are similar. While there is a federal ban on the substance, the Department of Justice has stated that it won’t prevent states from legalizing it. Currently only Colorado and Washington have done so.

Americans remain puritanical on gambling

While Americans seem to be coming around on marijuana legislation, online casinos in America are still a no-no for most. Even in New Jersey the majority of citizens polled oppose legalization.

The poll also found that the average American follows the marijuana debate much more strongly than online gambling. Whereas only 35 percent of respondents reported reading news about online gambling legislation, 86 percent have followed the marijuana issue.

Despite these public opinion numbers, more states appear to be on the verge of online casino legalization than legal marijuana.

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