Amici 2020 Betting Odds

  • Students strive to become professional singers, songwriters and dancers in various genres 
  • Additional original categories of “actors”, “musicians” and “television presenters” were excluded after 2009
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Italian television talent competition Amici was led by Maria De Filippi and Paolo Pietranjeli. This show was staged by Fascino P.g.T. for Mediaset TV channel. Obviously, this TV show gives young performers a unique opportunity to perform at the legendary Arena in Verona. As we know the arena is the world’s third-largest amphitheatre. It is alive to the present day since the Roman Empire. Moreover, it is a place of pilgrimage of opera fans from all over the world. On the other hand, it is an incredibly prestigious platform for the leading rock stars of the planet. 

Meanwhile, Amici is an academic school. About 20 students from 18 to 25 years old study at this school. This year we can earn money on Amici 2020 betting odds, of course, if we can predict who will be the winner. That is why we try to provide you with information about talents of school. 

Amici 2020 betting odds are sparked with previous talents

Amici 2020 betting odds, TV show betting, online sportsbook sites in Italy, online gambling sites in Italy,
Emma Marrone Author: Albin Olsson [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The finale of the famous Amici talent show has not yet taken place. But Amici 2020 betting odds are ready for you.  Meanwhile,  online gambling sites in Italy wrote that some of the participants have already won the hearts of Italians.

The established artists launched by the show are so many you could create a galaxy. Let’s name some singers who featured in the  previous series: 

  • Eurovision 2014’s rocker Emma Marrone
  • Sanremo winners Marco Carta and Valerio Scanu
  • multi-platinum superstar Alessandra Amoroso
  • redhead pop singer Annalisa
  • Sanremo 2017’s contestants Alessio Bernabei, Elodie, and Sergio Sylvestre. 

We don’t have time to mention them all! Nevertheless, you can check Amici 2020 betting odds.

Two eliminations to Amici

In the school of Amici, however, it is also time for eliminations. There are two that interest the class. The first red card is for Alioscia. In the daytime episode of December 13, the dancer had to leave school after a barrier exam. INico and Stefano reach the centre of the study. The duo performs with 1969. Moreover, Stefano brings his unpublished Inadequate. The judges withdraw to deliberate and establish Stefano’s victory unanimously. INICOs must leave school. On the other hand, online sportsbook sites in Italy doesn’t seem in a hurry to leave him. 

Maria De Filippi announces a tournament of the best. This information will help you to make profitable Amici 2020 betting odds on!  

The other guys have the faculty to challenge one of the best. Moreover, they can choose a professor. According to the online gambling sites in Italy, Francesco challenges Jacopo will judge Anna Pettinelli.

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