TV show betting

The Celebrity Circle, a spin-off of The Circle, has just begun. Check who is predicted to win the reality television game this time. The Celebrity Circle 2021 odds are out at sportsbooks with Lady Leshurr and Duncan James leading them. ... read more

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The 10th season of Australian The Voice has been officially scheduled for 2021. Although we are still waiting for the list of participants and premiere date, there is a possibility to bet on The Voice Australia. Try to guess the winner’s mentor!  ... read more

TV show betting forms a significant part of entertainment betting nowadays with Australia’s massive contribution to it. Apart from the US and Britain, this country produces the most entertaining programs for television. Check the best Australian TV shows to bet on this year and watch the one you like! ... read more

With the new season starting in January, it’s time to bet on Big Brother Brazil 2021. The ongoing BBB season gathered together twenty participants aiming for the main prize. Let’s see who has the best chances to win R$1.5 million.  ... read more