TVOF 2020 Betting Odds Point On The Next Winner – Who Is It?


Posted: September 15, 2020

Updated: September 15, 2020

  • TVOF will finish on September 25. Hurry up to bet on your favorites!
  • There are 3 singers who can win the show: Khan, Palmroth, and Seponpoika

If you are a fan of The Voice show, this one shouldn’t be missed too. The Voice of Finland will come to the end very soon, so it is the right time to place stakes. Check the most recent TVOF 2020 betting odds to know who is considered as favorites of the competition.

It seems that the 9th edition of The Voice of Finland has just started, but it is already about to finish. The grand final of the show will take place on September 25, so there isn’t much time to choose your favorites. Let’s see what singers have reached the final round in season 9 and have the most chances to win this year.

There have been several changes that affected TVOF this year. Firstly, it is a delay in broadcasting as the show was initially scheduled for April. Then, the jury welcomed its fifth and new member who extended the traditional Big Four. Finally, there are several strong favorites in 2020 who can win the top prize.

TVOF 2020 betting odds: top-3 favorites

From the beginning of the 9th edition of The Voice in Finland, all participants performed at the highest level. However, there is only one first-place prize and it can’t be divided. So, let’s see who has the best odds to win according to online gambling sites in Finland.

TVOF 2020 betting odds
Let’s sing!

Maritza Palmroth is among The Voice favorites this year

16-year-old Maritza Palmroth is the youngest contestant at this year’s The Voice, but it doesn’t prevent her from being one of the main favorites. The singer has 6.00 odds on her victory in the show and they can become even better after the next episode. Currently, Palmroth is most-known for her iconic performance of “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. 

Etni Khan is runner-up by TVOF 2020 betting odds

Singer and songwriter Etni Khan is a runner-up to win The Voice of Finland. She has 4.00 odds at Betsafe Sportsbook to take the first prize in the show. By now, Etni Khan has won people’s hearts with her strong voice and memorable performance of the “Grow” song. If she surprises the jury again, her chances to win will definitely grow.

Juffi Seponpoika has the most chances to win

According to The Voice of Finland predictions, Juffi Seponpoika currently leads the odds to win the show. His chances are evaluated by 3.00 at Betsafe. His performances of “Summertime” and “All by Myself” have won him people and jury’s appraisal. It seems that we already have the main favorite, so why don’t you bet on Seponpoika?

Check online sportsbooks in Finland to find TVOF 2020 betting odds as well as predictions about other popular TV shows.

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