Swedish Idol 2020 Betting Predictions: The Winner Is Revealed


Posted: September 30, 2020

Updated: September 30, 2020

  • The Idol 2020 next winner’s name is revealed at Bet365 Sportsbook
  • Camitz, Holm, and Luther - three favorites to win this year in Sweden

The latest Swedish Idol 2020 betting predictions are finally out. The new season of the show is in its full flow, so this is the right time to see who is about to win. There are three favorites – don’t hesitate to choose yours!

Predictions about the 16th season of The Idol show in Sweden have been updated. After the six weeks of the competition, tables have turned and favorites have changed. The next episode of the 2020 edition of the popular reality competition talent show is scheduled for October 2, so hurry up to check online sportsbooks in Sweden to see who will win.

Swedish Idol 2020 betting predictions: three favorites

Who are the new favorites to win The Idol 2020 in Sweden? Let’s see.

Nova Luther’s chances to win are high

One of the youngest The Idol participants, Nova Luther has the third-best chances to win after 1,5 month of competition. The 15-years-old singer has 7.00 odds to win at Bet365 Sportsbook and there are many reasons to bet on her. Despite her young age, she is talented enough to beat such competitors as Ella Hedström or Simon Karlsson, who are far behind by Swedish Idol 2020 betting predictions. Her latest online performance with Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish” won people’s hearts and gave a boost to Luther’s winning chances.

Swedish Idol 2020 betting predictions
Let’s sing!

Nadja Holm is runner-up by the odds

With 4.00 odds to win, Nadja Holm is a runner up by the latest The Idol predictions. The singer’s last performances with “Freedom” (Beyonce & Kendrick Lamar cover) and “Breathin” by Ariana Grande left no one indifferent. The number of Nadja’s fans has increased significantly after her stunning cover of Grande’s hit song. Many call this season “women’s time to shine”, which makes Nadja Holm the #1 favorite. However, there is one more participant with good odds.

Caspar Camitz leads Swedish Idol 2020 betting predictions

According to online gambling sites in Sweden, Caspar Camitz is about to win the 2020 Idol. He has 2.37 odds on his victory, so let’s see what is so special about him.

Firstly, this extraordinary Swedish singer is talented in various genres. From Harry Styles’s “Watermelon Sugar” to pop-rock classic “Jealous Guy” – this man can deal with everything. What is more, the army of his fans grows by leaps and bounds. His latest Youtube videos have reached dozens of thousands of views – more than anyone else – while comments state he is worth winning. Will he kill it? Follow the grand final on December 4 after betting on Camitz to win.

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