Stjernekamp 2020 Betting Odds – Person To Win And To Be Evicted


Posted: September 16, 2020

Updated: September 16, 2020

  • Stjernekamp 2020 is in its full flow. Check who is about to win!
  • Bet on the participant to be eliminated after the “Opera challenge”

Check Stjernekamp 2020 betting odds if you are a fan of the popular Norwegian show. The newest predictions at Betsafe Sportsbook point not only on the most possible winner of this year but also on the next person to leave the show. Who can it be?

At first, a few words about Stjernekamp if you have never heard about it. Translated as “Star Wars”, this popular Norwegian music talent show has been on since 2012. The current season is 9th in a row and has been in its full flow since August 29, 2020. For three episodes, participants have sung in three different styles. This week, they will try their best to succeed in a new challenge, so let’s see who is at risk to fail the test.

Stjernekamp 2020 betting odds: to be evicted next

September 19 will bring new challenges to participants of the 9th season of Stjernekamp. On Saturday, the opera program is scheduled to test singers’ skills in such a difficult style. Online sportsbooks in Norway have already made predictions about participants who can fail their next performance.

Stjernekamp 2020 betting odds
Who are you betting on?

With 2.05 odds, Alex Roses is believed to be the next person to leave the show. He is an absolute “favorite” for elimination. Hege Øversveen is another candidate for dropping out of the further competition with 4.00 odds. If you decide to bet on the next singer to leave Stjernekamp, choose between these two.

Two other possible outsiders are Regina Tucker and Ingeborg Walter with 5.00 odds each at Betsafe Sportsbook. Although “Myra” was also one of the main favorites to win this season, few believe she can cope with the opera style this Saturday.

Who can win Stjernekamp 2020?

The other Betsafe predictions show who can win the 9th season of Stjernekamp. There are two favorites going toe to toe with 3.50 odds to win and one runner-up. Let’s learn more about them.

By Stjernekamp 2020 betting odds, Knut Marius Djupvik is the third in line to win the show. The winner of The Voice: Norway in 2013 has 5.00 odds to add another victory to his list. Although the 32-years-old music star has good chances, there are two bigger favorites so far.

Emil Solli-Tangen and Vegard Bjørsmo share the best odds to win the competition this year. The first one is a famous opera singer in Norway (so he will definitely succeed in the next competition), while the latter is a rising star. Despite they are so different, both have 3.50 odds to win and we can’t decide who is better. Can you?

The grand final of the 2020 Stjernekamp will take place on October 31. Follow online gambling sites in Norway to see the latest Stjernekamp 2020 betting odds every week. As the list of participants modifies weekly, you better stay tuned to all updates.

You can discover more about Betsafe Sportsbook here.

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