Russia’s The Voice Kids Odds: The Winner’s Mentor

  • The 7th edition of The Voice Kids in Russia has already started
  • Two old-new coaches are back to the show. Will they win?
The Voice Kids odds, The Voice Kids Russia, betting in Russia, 1xbet sportsbook
The new season of The Voice Kids Russia is out
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

The 7th edition of the Russian “The Voice Kids” premiered on TV screens on February 14. During the first blind auditions, not only participants were evaluated by judges, but also judges received critical responses from viewers and… bookmakers. You can find them looking through The Voice Kids odds.

The new Russian edition of The Voice Kids is back after the scandalous 6th season. Just to remind you – the winner of the previous year was Mikella Abramova, the daughter of another Russian singer, Alsou. After the grand final, voting results turned out to be fixed in favor of Mikella. As a result, the victory was divided between all participants, but this incident remained the biggest scandal in the history of the show.

This year, The Voice Kids promised to avoid any incidents. It also changed most mentors and signed Valery Meladze, Polina Gagarina, and Basta for the 7th edition of the TV show. Let’s see, who has the most chances to become the best coach of the season.

Meladze and Gagarina lead The Voice Kids odds on the best mentor

The Voice Kids odds, The Voice Kids Russia, betting in Russia, 1xbet sportsbook
Will Polina finally win the best coach’s title? [Ailura, CC BY-SA 3.0 AT / CC BY-SA 3.0 AT]
According to the best online sportsbooks in Russia, the odds on the winner’s mentor look like these:

  • Valery Meladze – 2.19
  • Polina Gagarina – 2.92
  • Basta – 3.50

A Soviet and Russian singer, Valery Meladze, has the most chances to bring another star to the music industry. He is the only mentor who stays in the show after the scandalous 6th season. Meladze’s mentee, Maksim Yerzhan, was considered the favorite in 2019, but the fixed results prevented him from victory. Valery finished 2nd both as the best mentor of the show and as a mentor of a second-place holder. This time, his chances to win the show increase, so we wish him good luck.

However, Meladze has a serious rival this time. Polina Gagarina has the second-best odds at 1xBet Sportsbook on becoming the winner’s mentor. This Russian singer was previously a coach at The Voice Russia for adults, but her mentees never won. Will a talent show for children bring her the first victory? 2.92 odds say yes, so the battle for the leadership will be tough.

Bet on Basta as the next winner’s mentor

The Voice Kids odds put Basta at the last place, however, one shouldn’t underestimate this rapper.  He is an experienced coach with 3 The Voice shows behind him. Yet Basta’s mentees didn’t bring him victory, they showed good results from show to show. Currently, the rapper’s chances to bring his mentees to victory are much higher than his colleagues’ ones. Basta’s ratings were the highest in all three episodes of the 7th season. So, if he keeps the beat, he can finally win the Voice Kids. As the gambling sites in Russia give Basta just 3.50 odds, you can make money on him if you bet now.

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