Want to Bet on TV Shows Online This Year? Head to Paddy Power

Love Island 2017 cast

Paddy Power is the best place to bet on TV shows online in 2017. In this article we’ll take a look at the betting odds for 3 of the most popular.

The UK is known for their television programs, but did you know that some online sportsbooks in the UK actually allow you to bet on the outcomes? That’s right. Let’s take a look at some odds for a few popular TV shows airing right now.

Bet on Big Brother 18

Big Brother is one of the longest-running and most popular television programs running today. It began in the US, but the UK version is arguably the more talked about version. The 18th season is currently underway, and members of Paddy Power can already bet on which contestant wins.

22 year old Raph Korine is the current betting favorite. Korine was recently granted immunity by the VIP guests, and seems poised to win the show. His odds to win are currently set at 5/2. Deborah Agboola is the biggest underdog at the moment. Agboola’s odds to win Big Brother are set at 22/1.

Bet on the 2017 Masterchef winner

11 contestants are still in the running to win Masterchef this year, and some great odds are available to wager on the outcome. This is one of the best options to bet on TV shows online this year, as every contestant has a real shot at winning and have some great odds to cash out.

Cast of Masterchef

Ben Ungermann (center back) is the favorite to win Masterchef this year (photo:

Ben Ungermann is leading the odds right now. The former model has proven himself to be a seriously talented chef with two top 3 finishes. His odds to win are set at 11/10. Diana Chan is another solid option to bet on, as she’s earned 3 top 3 finishes. Chan’s odds to win Masterchef are set at 5/2.

Underdog betting is always fun when it comes to TV show betting, and Masterchef has a number of tremendous long shot betting options. Arum Nixon is a great underdog to wager on. Nixon didn’t find tremendous success early in the season, but managed to finish in the top 3 most recently in week 8. Nixon’s odds to win are set at 20/1.

Bet on the 2017 Love Island

The last option to bet on TV shows online in the UK is on the highly popular ‘Love Island’ program. While this show isn’t formatted the same way as the previous two shows we listed, there are some fantastic betting options available at Paddy Power.

The best wagering option is on which pair remains a couple for the duration of the show’s airing. This is obviously extremely hard to predict, and as a result, the odds offer a great chance to earn cash. The betting favorites to stay together are Gabrielle and Marcel, who by all indications are the most sincere couple on the show. Their odds are set at 1/9.

Camille and Jonny have had their fair share of arguments this season, and currently hold the lowest odds to remain together on the show at 3/1.

If you’re looking to bet on TV shows online, make sure to head to Paddy Power. Here you’ll find a full list of odds for each of the programs we listed, and a wide range of other great novelty betting options.

Are you looking to bet on TV shows online? Tell us which one you want to wager on in the comment section below, and make sure to follow GamingZion’s UK gambling news page to stay up to date on everything related to UK TV betting!

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