This Week in Pictures: June 13 – 19, 2017

Week in Pictures   June 13 - 19, 2017

There were no shortage of big news stories igniting the front pages last week so we take a moment to look back over some of the most important from around the world.

In the UK a large fire broke out in west of the capital London as a high-rise residential property called Grenfell Tower rapidly burned. With up to 100 dead many have blamed the aesthetic cladding added to the building in recent years as a cause of the fire engulfing so much of the tower. With a lack luster response on the ground from the local council and poor management of response by the government local residents have only cautiously welcomed what is likely to be a long running public inquiry.

In Portugal up to 62 people were killed in raging forest fires that broke out in the municipality of Pedrogao Grande in the central region of the country. 900 firefighters and 300 appliances have been mobilized but the scale of the disaster moved the Prime Minister Antonia Costa who said “This seems to be the greatest tragedy we have seen in recent years in terms of forest fires.” With mass evacuations in progress the fire expanded on several fronts and was still not extinguished by the end of last week.

In the waters off Japan a US navy destroyer was involved in a collision with a container vessel last week that left 7 of her crew dead. The USS Fitzgerald based in Yokosuka, to the southwest of Tokyo, was struck by the ACX Crystal, a vessel four times its size. It was holed below the waterline and the crew died either in the impact or flooding related to that impact. The incident was treated as a possible case of professional negligence and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe said “We are struck by great sorrow”.

In sports the Pakistan test team pulled off a fabulous win against India in the final of the ICC Champions Trophy last week. Up against the team that had given them a drubbing but a couple of weeks before the Pakistan attack took India to pieces at the crease winning comfortably by 180 runs. The only question now is can India bounce back from this embarrassing defeat? You’ll have to read our daily news pages to find out, but in the meantime here’s a look at the big stories we covered last week.

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2. One football player claimed to be better than Ronaldo but who’s actually better than him?

Better Than Ronaldo?

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Who wins on US Open Golf 2017

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4. This year’s most important international football tournament has officially kicked off.

Bet on Confederations Cup 2017 in Germany

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6. Fake news or reality? We questioned whether Ronaldo is actually leaving Real Madrid.

Ronaldo Leaving Real Madrid Fake News

Gone after so long? (Photo: The Herald)

7. A lucky BGO Casino member landed an jackpot slot win on an exciting slot.

BGO Player Scores Huge Jackpot

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Meanwhile megastar Beyonce was reported to have given birth to twins last week, eagle eyed fans spotting a mystery woman arriving at the hospital with balloons, one pink, one blue, addressed to B+J perhaps giving away the gender of the two new members of the family. Something Beyonce’s mother is reportedly only too happy about having already stated recently that “Beyonce and Jay Z are incredible parents. She’s a really good mom. Really patient and kind.” We wish them all congratulations at this time.

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