When is Putin Leaving the Office?

  • The current presidential term for the Russian leader will be the last
  • Putin will not take part in the next presidential election
  • He will leave power and appoint a successor
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Vladimir Putin will need more than just finding a successor till 2024. He will need to safely step aside, and engage in the leadership of the country already from the shadows. When is Putin leaving the office? Аt least in accordance with applicable law, political experts ask this question daily. He, of course, understands that having left the main helm, it will be impossible for him to leave completely from Russian politics. Even if he wants to. Never. 

In total, Vladimir Putin will rule Russia for at least a quarter of a century. The first twenty years have passed. What will the new five be? On online sportsbook sites in Russia, you can find some interesting odds for when is Putin leaving the office. Vladimir Putin is already 66 years old, 19 of which he devoted to big politics. Constant stresses, traveling, life under the lenses of camcorders. It can be said unequivocally that with a lifestyle like that of the President, the body wears out at a triple rate. Therefore, Putin’s departure from the presidency is only a matter of time and the next.

Here are the odds for Putin:
Vladimir Putin Yes 34


On you can find also:
Donald Trump Yes 1.665
Boris Johnson Yes 11

When is Putin leaving the office?  Two scenarios for the future.

  1. This period will be the last for the President. In 2024, he will vacate the chair, having prepared a place for his shift in advance. You should also not discard the option that the Kremlin elite will share power and appoint “their own man”. The chance of fair democratic elections, unfortunately, tends to zero.
  2. Putin will try to maintain power. Given the drop in ratings, as well as age, it will be difficult for Vladimir Vladimirovich to stay in the saddle. As 71 is the top age of the term. It means that in any case, you can make money through online gambling sites in Russia. The next constitutional change or a change of title to “prime minister” will cause great indignation of the people. In this situation, he will not even be able to sit out the next term completely.

Yumashev rated at 99%: Putin will leave his post in 2024

when Putin is leaving the office, Vladimir Putin, political bets, online gambling sites in RussiaThe presidential adviser is convinced that in 2024, Vladimir Putin will leave his post. “Putin was not going to be in power for 19 years,” says Yumashev about the start of work of the incumbent president. According to the most accurate 1xBet Sportsbook predictions, Putin stands the 34 odds to leave in 2024. 

According to the words of Yumashev, before taking up the presidency in 1999, Putin did not think that he would linger on this post. “In my opinion (and I am 100% sure of this, not 99%), of course, when Putin arrived on December 31, he was sure that God grants one term. Moreover, if two terms, he would be the happiest person in the light and will be able to finally rest after two terms”. Vladimir Putin, during his time in the Kremlin and in the government, has repeatedly expressed his intention to “rest”, to resign – in 1997, 1998 and 1999. After all, can you answer this question? When is Putin leaving the office?

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