Animals Bringing You Good Luck

  • Rabbits and pigs are famous luck bringers everywhere
  • Statuettes of cats and frogs are common talismans in China
  • People in ancient times have already believed in lucky animals
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In folklore traditions and cultures you can find several examples of animals bringing you good luck. From a rabbit to a goldfish, they are all linked with the power of making their owners lucky. So why don’t you get a real or a hand-made version of them before making your next bet or playing on the lottery? 

Some animals and their luck bringing talent are famous all over the world, like pigs or a ladybug, while others are only known in some specific places. Like tigers and bats which are famous for their luck bringing in the Chinese culture. Even if you don’t believe in superstitions, you can still read our summary, maybe you’ll get a small statuette of one of them which can change your life.  

The most common animals bringing you good luck

Rabbits are the symbols of fertility and the beginning of spring, no wonder they are associated with Easter as well. Many children receive little bunnies at the holidays but might be a better option to give a stuffed one as a wish for a prosperous life.  But if you feel like you can take responsibility for a little fluffy thing, just get one and hopefully he/she will bring you some luck and wealth as well.

Another widely recognized animals bringing you good luck are pigs, who are especially famous during New Year’s Eve. Traditionally people in Eastern and Middle Europe eat pork this time, you can get all kinds of pig souvenirs from the vendors, and even have some pig shape dessert. They are also symbolizing prosperity and fertility, just think about how you collected your money in your childhood. To get a real pig might be a bit difficult if you live in the city, but you can get a plastic one anytime. Just keep with you if you visit a horse race or go online to make a bet on 1xBet

Lucky animals from China

Chinese horoscope has its own symbols, with most of them based on real animals, like monkeys, tigers, horses or dogs. Tigers are especially significant, and they also mean luck. In Egypt their smaller relatives, cats are in favor. The respect for them comes from ancient times when cats were thought to be magical creatures who can bring luck to their owners.  And surely everyone has seen the cat figure with its raised paw called Maneki-Neko, made of ceramic or plastic. Actually it’s from Japan, but you can see it in every Chinese shop or restaurant as well. According to the Asian superstitions, keeping one in your bedroom or places of your study will bring good results and successes. 

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Frogs and crickets are also popular Chinese good luck animals. We can meet frogs even in fairy tales, who can turn into Prince Charming after kissing them.  But in China, another legend is connected to frogs. According to it, an immortal saved a three-leg frog which brought him golden coin every day to show his gratitude. The three-legged frog statuettes are also part of most Chinese homes and attract positive energy. Crickets can also bring luck, so cricket souvenirs are also common. What’s more, you can even bet on cricket fights in China, as we were written about it.

Luck bringing animals with ancient origin

Some lucky animals’ legends come from Ancient Greece, like one of the dolphins. They are thought to be the saviors of sailors as they mean the land is not far. But of course, there are several legends mentioning dolphins. In one of them, Dionysos, the god of wine is captured by pirates. But he is turning them into dolphins so they can save people instead of attacking them. 

Goldfish was also recognized by Ancient Greeks as lucky animals, who thought it can bring luck and make marriages stronger. But horses were the real stars, starting from Pegasus, a horse with magical winds to any horse appearing in their legends. People believed that they had special senses, so they could notify people of coming danger. The easiest way to bring some luck to your home is to have a horseshoe and hang it above your front door. Or you can try your luck on 1xBet and make a bet on one of the horse races. 

Animals bringing you good luck, Charm, Rabbits, Dolphins, Pigs, Superstitions, Cats, Tigers, Frogs, Dragon, Crickets, Goldfish, Horses, Mascots, online gambling, online sportsooks, gamingzion
Pegasus and dragon with lucky charm Image source

Lucky animals in sports

We can see animals as mascots of most sports clubs from polar bears to dolphins. But even a squirrel can bring luck to a team as it happened in the case of the American baseball team, Indians. They were behind the Yankees on a game when a squirrel appeared on the field and confused Yankees players. The Indians managed to win the game at the end. Online sportsbook news in the US was not detailing what happened with the squirrel after the game. 

In the US, you can also find live animal mascots, usually working for college sports. They can be a goat, a boar or even a bull. They must be memorable for anyone who sees them, even if you’re not a fan of the club.  But probably the most famous animal in the world of sport was Paul, the octopus. As online gambling sites in the US and all over the world were reporting about it, Paul selected the winners of different football games during the 2010 World Cup with picking food from the winning team’s box first. He was predicting the wins of the German team, and also picked Spain as a future world champion correctly. Sadly Paul died, but you can select your own favorite for next year’s Euro2020 on 1xBet now. 

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