Animals Predicting Bets: One More Reason To Go To The Zoo


Posted: February 14, 2020

Updated: February 14, 2020

  • Animals predicting bets can be very helpful in the world of gambling
  • Octopus Paul predicted matches of the German national team
  • Nelly the Elephant replaced Paul and now continues predicting for Germans
  • The main predictor of the Olympic Games in Sochi was a male otter named Harry
  • A huge sea turtle joined the ranks of the predictors during 2014 World Cup in Brazil

There are a huge number of animals and plants in the world that serve as barometers, temperature indicators or predictors of storms. The United States is famous for the legendary groundhog Phil. Also, some different cats and dogs are excellent earthquake experts. Besides, animals with the gift of prophecy exist in the world of gambling as well. Who are they and how are they helpful? Let us recall the most famous animals predicting bets. 

Octopus Paul’s bet on Germans

German professor of predictions, the octopus Paul, became famous throughout the world during UEFA Euro 2008. The eight-legged oracle specialized in predicting matches of the German national team. In anticipation of the matches, they placed two transparent feeding boxes with the flags of the rival teams in the aquarium to Paul. Then the octopus crawled into the one he liked, thus making his choice. Online gambling sites in Germany still remember the accuracy of his predictions. 

During his short career of five years, Paul made predictions for football matches 14 times. Fortunately for all the fans, he made a mistake only twice. After the incorrect prediction of the final Euro 2008 match between Spain and Germany, the octopus made no mistakes. Thus, he brilliantly guessed all the outcomes of the matches of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. On the 26th of October, the day of Paul’s death, they lowered the flags in his native aquarium in Oberhausen. Currently, the ashes of the famous octopus are walled up in a monument depicting Paul with a soccer ball, which is installed in the aquarium.

Nelly the Elephant from Germany

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A female predictor replaced the octopus Paul in Germany. Thus, an elephant named Nelly began her oracle career during the 2011 Women’s World Cup. They installed two gates with the flags of the teams in front of Nelly. And the elephant’s task was to score a goal into one of them. However, the team which got the ball first became the loser. Having guessed almost all the matches with the participation of the Germans, Nelly suddenly gave the victory to Japanese before the quarterfinal match. 

The forecast was very dramatic! Although five times the elephant was close to hitting the Japanese gates, the sixth ball still flew into the target gate of the German national team. And, indeed, during the match, the Germans were several times close to scoring a goal, but the Japanese eventually won 1-0. By the way, Nelly correctly predicted the outcome of the final match of the Champions League between Bayern and Borussia in favor of the Munich team. Thus, before going to the 1XBET gambling site, you can check the elephant’s predictions. Nelly can help you make your winning bet!

Animals predicting bets: Harry the Otter

The main predictor of the Olympic Games in Sochi was a male otter named Harry. Initially, his girlfriend Ashley also took part in the forecasts. However, the lady quickly became tired of cameras. So Harry had to work hard for both of them. They placed two balls with the country names into his pool. And Harry had to pull out on land one of them to predict the winner. Thus, he made a series of successful predictions, including the victories of the Belarusian biathlete Daria Domracheva and the Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu. 

However, the otter male made a mistake before the hockey match between Russia and Finland. After this false prediction, Harry started making more mistakes. However, the employees of the Sochi zoo said that the animal began to get tired due to a large number of forecasts. Besides, Harry became very fat, as he made 4-5 predictions per day, for which he always received food. We hope this predictor will lose several kilos before the next major sports event, because Harry may be really helpful for you when placing your bets on online gambling sites in Germany.

Big-headed turtle from Brazil predicts bets

A huge sea turtle from Brazil joined the ranks of the predictors in 2014. The day before the beginning of the World Cup, they installed two football goals in the pool. They had the flags of the participants of the opening match on top – the national teams of Brazil and Croatia. The turtle gave preference to the hosts of the tournament by eating a tasty fish near the yellow-green flag.

Will the career of the big-headed turtle be as successful as that of the legendary octopus? Very soon we will find out. After all, everyone knows that turtles, unlike octopuses, have been living for more than one century. And meanwhile,  try your luck on the 1xBET gambling site Who knows, maybe your predictions will be even more accurate than of animals predicting bets.

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