Annoying Casino Players

Welcome to the world of annoying casino players. By their nature, casinos attract all sorts of people. The common denominator here is a willingness to gamble. But apart from this, there can be a huge myriad of types and attending behaviors that go hand in hand. The majority of people there are perfectly nice and normal, in the casino to pass some time and enjoy themselves.

annoying casino players

Introduction: Annoying Casino Players

Unfortunately, there’s always the one person who, whether knowingly or not, is determined to ruin the evening for everyone else. You can be quietly minding your own business at the slots machine, and these clowns will start with their “these slots are all rigged” bullshit. So, let’s have a look and try and categorize these folks under the labels where they belong.

The Scammer / Non Believer

There’s always one. Normally stood in front of a video poker machine or a slots machine. As you begin to play, you become aware of the mutterings and cursing of the player stood bedsides you. These are the type of people who will find fault in everything. They will moan about the machines being rigged, and blame the casino for every loss incurred. Yet, in spite of this, they will keep on gambling. They will even try and get you on their side and make out that they are doing you a favor by warning you from using certain machines. These guys just need to chill out. Stop gambling and go outside and talk to a tree. But leave the other players in peace. Maybe just stay at home and choose one of the online casino sites in the US.

The Strategist – The One With a Get Rich Quick Plan

Meeting with these guys is a message of what happens when you take things a little too seriously. We all know there’s really no such thing as a gambling strategy, apart from looking after your bankroll that is. But having someone standing at your elbow, telling you what to bet on and how much to wager is supremely annoying. They have a sure win strategy, though interestingly enough, they don’t appear to be swimming in their own winnings. These are the tin-foil hat brigade, feeble minded enough to be sucked in by every dumb method to get rich quick. Whatever you do, don’t ever catch their eye, or they’ll see that as an invitation to sidle over a start spouting their mad hatter’s plans.

annoying casino players
I’m sure she has a plan…

Annoying Casino Players: The Impatient Player

Some people are just plain and simply rude. They never received the much needed clip around the ear for being disrespectful. These days, all casinos with asking for some form of ID before allowing you to cash-out. That’s just how it is. But there are payers, for whom even a minutes’ wait is far too long. And they have zero problems letting everyone know about it. Banging on the cashiers counter or pacing up and down cursing, they are the type who, having won money is still miserable at heart. If you don’t have the capacity to wait for 5 minutes whilst verification takes place, then maybe you’re better of not going to the casino in the first place.

The Player Who Doesn’t Read the T&Cs

We spend a lot of time instructing players that they must read the T & C’s before they start to gamble. There’s a clear reason why every casino will have it’s T & C’s up there for all to see clearly. It takes less than 10 minutes to go through them. It is your money after all, and the T & C’s are just laying down the rules of the house to help you make your bankroll go further. Casinos want you to be happy in your experience there, as it’s of upmost importance that you become a regular customer. Apart from the surprise of winning, they know that customers don’t like any other surprises. And that’s why the T & C’s are posted. Now, it takes a certain type of idiot to start to gamble without reading them. There’s a good chance that you are already breaking the rules after your second hand. The same is true for online gambling sites in the US.

The Dreamer

Optimism is a wonderful quality. But blind optimism, without a hint of logic, is slightly sad. We’ve all seen those people, who spend all the days of their holiday, sat on a stool in front of a slot machine. Shoveling in coin after coin, their hopes somehow sustained by pure optimism and dreams of a better life. They are not problem gamblers with a serious mental illness. No, they are something else. With their open wide faces and bright demeanor, they are walking proof that hope springs eternal. Fixing on the next spin, they stroke their Rosary Beads and whisper a tiny prayer. That this would be the one to change everything. Eventually, all the money is gone. And it time to go back home. Depressing stuff.

Annoying Casino Players: The Irresponsible Player

This can be one of two different types. The first one is the braggart, the show-off who wants to prove he’s having a good time. Loud and in everyone’s face, there’s a purity of emotion about these guys. They want to have fun and don’t care that all the months’ salary is gone. At least they had a blast. Then there’s the other type. These are gambling addicts. They fall into a mental loop of success and failure. They are the dopamine fiends who need there daily fix. These days there are many organizations and bodies to help those struggling with a gambling addiction. It’s a very real affliction and we suggest that all gamblers who feel that they are starting to lose control seek help. There’s no shame in it. It’s not a criminal issue, but one of mental health.

The Career Player

Yes, you can make a decent career out of poker or blackjack. There are professional players who make great bank. But playing slots or video games at the casino is not going to be making anyone rich, but the casino itself. And yet, there’s always a clown who’ll claim otherwise. Loudly. Like a slots machine that’s missing a reel, there’s something equally defective and noisy about these guys. Defective and sad.

Are you having fun or are you building your career? – Why not both…

The Silent One Who Observes

This one kinda weird’s us out. They tend to stand in front of a slot machine. They don’t play on it, but just hog it, so you feel awkward about asking them to step aside so that you can play. And if you do, they’ll be stood at your elbow. You’ll feel their cold stare with the back of your neck. They don’t speak or interact with you or the machine in any way. Their very presence makes you uneasy. Just creepy. Like that uncle who offered to give you a bath when you were 7.

Annoying Casino Players: The Bragger

OK…there’s nothing wrong in bragging a little. Just ask anyone who goes fishing about the one that got away. Its size will increase with the number of times the story is told. But there’s bragging and then there’s annoying. Yes, you won at the casino. Yes, we’re happy for you. Now please just shut up and leave us alone.

The Mr. Know It All

Just like “the silent one who observes”, this guy is a fixture at all casinos. Maybe he wasn’t hugged enough when he was a kid, but his efforts in insinuating himself into whatever you’re doing at the casino are enough to make you regret going in the first place. If you want help, there are plenty of casino staff around to ask. But this guy, he will tell you everything before you ask. Even if you didn’t want to know. Not only is he giving you advice, but somehow his advice is better than that you’d receive from the casino itself. Desperately wants you to be his (only) friend. One to try your hardest to avoid.

annoying casino players
Drank gamblers are annoying the others since the beginning of human history – The Gambler by Vasiliy Pukirev – Image source: Vassili Vladimirovich Pukiryov via Wikimedia Commons

The Drinker/Drunk

Of course, the reason they serve alcohol and even comp drinks at the casino is so that you’ll relax and spend more. That’s a given. But every once in a while, you’ll come across some guy who either can’t hold his drink or is just a bumbling alcoholic. They sit at the table games, completely wasted and make impossible demands. Or they struggle to focus and read their cards, slowing up the game to a snails pace for all the other players. In the end, we all are just waiting for security to throw them out. These annoying casino players caused me to register on Bovada.

Annoying Casino Players: The Stinker

One of the many reasons that we find it hard to stomach dealing with the general public, is basic hygiene. At the casino, we have to mix with all kinds of people. But there’s always the one, who for some unknown reason comes to take the seat next to yours, and who stinks like a skunks asshole. He’ll have some crusted food on the front of his clothes and his fingernails will be black. In the end, you just have to cash out and leave the table. No one can hope to concentrate whilst being gassed alive.

The Fidgeter

This guy is someone who’ll get under your skin over the course of a game. He just can’t sit still. This is so annoying because it seems to suck all the energy out of the game, as his fidgeting starts to take center stage. You’ll begin to wonder if you’re playing Parkinson’s or poker. Whether playing with his chips by clicking them noisily or banging his drinks glass, you will start to feel your tolerance levels tested. Even the dealers, who are paid to be the pinnacle of patience and good manners, start to develop a twitch in one eye.

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