2020 NASCAR Betting Odds – Darlington 400

  • A 72 years old organization
  • Darlington Raceway is a very difficult track
  • There are many choices for the 2020 NASCAR Betting Odds.
2020 NASCAR Betting Odds

Nothing brings more excitement like seeing a NASCAR race. The entertainment of cars bumping into each other, the sound of the roaring engines, and the anticipation of who will come on top at the end of the race is something fans are addicted to. With the upcoming Darlington 400 race that will happen on May 17th, the 2020 NASCAR betting odds for the race are available, and there are many options to choose from!

NASCAR – Still Going Strong

Founded in 1948, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is currently one the most popular racing organization in the US that is known for stock-car racing. Each year, the association organizes more than 1500 races in 48 States and around the world. The ultimate event of them all is the Daytona 500. Held each year at the World Center of Racy in Daytona Beach, this event will always be the ultimate prize for NASCAR drivers. Other big events include Brickyard 400, the Championship Race at Homestead, Coca-Cola 600, and the Southern 500. A major event that is organized on May 17th is Darlington 400 which is set to take place at the Darlington Raceway. With the date of the event nearing, the 2020 NASCAR betting odds for the Darlington 400 are available online.

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Darlington Raceway – Known as The Lady in Black

The up and coming NASCAR Cup Series Race at Darlington will be the 116th race event that takes place at the Darlington Raceway. It is one of the most historic race tracks in the as it was built in the 1950s and is still in use today. This race will be the first of seven races over a span of eleven days at two different tracks. The length of the Darlington track is 2.19 km or 1.36 miles. To successfully complete the Darlington 400 event, drivers have to complete 400 miles or 643.738 kilometers. This is equivalent to a total of 292 completed laps on the track. As the conditions to complete the race are difficult, the 2020 NASCAR betting odds for this track are always competitive.

Several records on this track have been broken and will forever be documented in history. For instance, Hendrick Motors is the team with most wins as they have won it eleven times. Also, Jeff Gordon is the driver with the most wins as he won it six times before. Furthermore, Chevrolet is the manufacturer with the most wins as they have won it 27 times before. Although Chevrolet has the most wins as a manufacturer in history, in the past six years, Toyota has been dominating the Darlington Raceway NASCAR Cup Series as they have won it five times. Therefore, they will be looking to win yet again this year as 2020 NASCAR betting odds give them a slight edge.

2020 NASCAR Betting Odds and Predictions – Darlington 400

Online Sportsbook sites in the US offer a variety of betting options that you can bet on. For instance, 22BET offers the options to bet on who will win the race, who will be in the top 3, the top team driver, who will make it to top 10, the winner’s number, and the team of the winning driver. On the ‘who will win the race’ section, the betting odds are close. The betting odds for Kevin Harvick or Kyle Busch to win are 6.5, and Denny Hamlin’s odds are 7.5, while Martin Truex’s odds are 8.5. It is very difficult to pick a clear favorite to win the race as all of them are amazing drivers! In the top 3 and top 10 sections, the same names appear as the favorites. It would be a good idea to bet in these sections because it lowers the risk of losing.

Furthermore, you have to option to bet on the winner’s number. The betting odds that the winner’s number will be odd is 2.75, while an even number will win is 1.42. Finally, Toyota and Ford are the favorites to be the winning team with odds of 2.5. Therefore, it will be a good idea to bet on either one of them.

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